Sample Hardship Letters Helping to Save Your Home

A foreclosure for anyone can be devastating financially, emotionally and psychologically. Your family is forced to physically move away from friends, family and neighbors that they have come to love and lean on. As if that is not enough, you have to face incessant calls from bill collectors and explain to them that you are still unable to pay your bills.

The foreclosure process is not only lengthy it can be humiliating. As soon as a homeowner realizes that they are in over their heads, a financial hardship letter becomes a way out, or light at the end of a very dark tunnel. Written properly, a financial hardship letter can result in a positive outcome for all parties involved.

Contrary to popular opinion, lenders do not relish the idea of losing money in a soft market due to foreclosures. They have to look at the loss of income due to an empty property and the expensive legal fees that it costs them to actually precede with a foreclosure.

Lenders are also not realtors. It is not their job to try to sell your home and as a result, they are inadequate at it. They must now finance the maintenance, insurance, security and marketing of a home that they know very little about. They may have the black and white facts about it, but they know nothing about details of selling your home. The simple writing of a financial hardship letter can help to avert this fate for both you and the lender. Federal funds have been put in place that will help the lender, through the loss mitigator, give the homeowner options to avoid a foreclosure.

Loan modification is dependent solely on the initial submission of a financial hardship letter. This gives the lender a written decree of reasons that the homeowner has fallen behind on payments. This letter gives the loss mitigator a glimpse into the financial and personal reasons of the homeowner’s hardship. It also gives the lender personal reasons to help the homeowner try to salvage the mortgage with either a short sale or loan modification.

The lender will want to know as much information as possible about why the homeowner has fallen behind. The financial hardship letter gives the lender this information in a clear and concise manner. They need this information to be able to refinance or offer a short sale.

The lender will need to know the following details in your financial hardship letter:

1. Is this an ARM (Adjustable Rate Mortgage)?

2. Has the borrower been convicted of a crime that may cause prison time?

3. What is the current state of the borrower’s income?

4. Has there been some catastrophic illness in the family?

5. Has their been a layoff or job loss?

6. Is the borrower having to commute a long distance to survive?

7. Has their been a business failure?

8. Has their been a death in the family effecting contributions to the mortgage?

9. Is the primary borrower divorcing?

10. Is the borrower out for a military post?

11. Has their been significant damage to the home due to weather or fire?

A financial hardship sample letter is the key to a homeowner getting a timely answer to their request for loan modification. This sample letter will make sure that you have all the necessary information that a loss mitigator will need to help you as soon as possible to avoid foreclosure on your home.

Application Letter Sample Warning

So, you finally finished your resume and now it’s time to write your application letter. You know in order to get noticed you need your application letter to really stand out to the employer. You want that interview, but you don’t know the first thing about writing an application letter. You understand all the key points, but you’re no good at organizing your thoughts on paper. So you turn to your computer, log on to the internet and Google “free application letters”.

Hundreds of websites pop up offering tons of free application letter samples. You can’t believe your luck. You click through a few sites and find a letter you like. Your are positive that this one that will knock the socks off the hiring manager. You feel confident, as you copy and paste it onto a word document, that this letter will pretty much guarantee you an interview. Let’s face it you found it online and it claims to be written by a professional, therefore you can’t go wrong. You change a few words around, sign your name and off it goes. Now all you have to do is wait for that phone to start ringing.

Let me tell you, you are going to be waiting a long, long time for that call. Take heed of this application letter sample warning. While these sample letters can help guide you in how to write an application letter, they should never be used as a substitution for your real work. Most employers review a countless amount of application letters and resumes daily. Do you really think that the free online application letter sample you “borrowed” is going to grab their attention? Chances are no. Is your application letter sample going to be original? Probably not. Is the application letter going to be written to show how you meet the employer’s needs? Again, probably not.

Do you think you are the first person to go looking on the internet for free cover letter samples? In this day and age of the internet where you can find anything you need, chances are you are not the first person to use a free application letter sample. In fact it probably happens more often than you imagine. These employers received countless amounts of resumes and cover letters. They are so seasoned at reading application letters they will be able to tell yours is not your own after the first paragraph. This is why your application would really need to stand out to the employer. It’s doubtful that the application letter you found online is going to do that for you.

A good application letter consists of a few key elements. Essentially it’s what you can do for the employer. The letter should show why the employer would be making a mistake not calling you for at least a interview. Your application letter needs to highlight some key points in your resume, specifically those points that qualify you for the job you are applying for. How is a letter that you found online going to do that? In order for your letter to get notice it needs to be original, and show your passion for your work. Can an application letter you get online be original? That is highly doubtful. Your letter also needs to ask for the opportunity to be interviewed and needs to give the employer options to make that happen. Again, would your sample application letter provide that? If I was a gambler, I would bet the house that the answer would be no.

Instead of using the internet to find a free application sample letter to pass off as your own, use the internet to research how to write a effective application letter. Anything that has the word sample in it, is meant to be just that. A sample. Something to sort of push you in the right direction. The most important things to remember is that applications letters should be original and they should represent you. The only person, who can represent you, is you. Why would you want to take an application letter written by someone who does not even know you? Only you know why you would be perfect for that one job. Why trust a generic letter to get that point across to the employer?

Sample Cover Letter For High School Students

Many teenagers who pass high school look for part time or full time jobs for earning pocket money. A job can be an experience building stepping stone if you already know what type of career you would like to make in future. Nowadays there is huge number of jobs available for high school student. You just need to prepare an effective cover letter if you want to secure a decent job.

In this article I would like to provide a sample of a high school cover letter which would help high school students, particularly juniors and seniors who want to enter the workforce.

Your Name

Your Address

Your City, State, Zip Code

Your Phone #

Your Email


Employer Name



City, State, Zip Code

Dear Mr. /Ms. Last Name,

I am responding to the employment opportunity listed on your website. Please accept this letter and accompanying resume as evidence of my interest in applying for this job. I feel my qualifications and my skills would prove to be an asset for your organization.

I have recently passed high school from a well known school. Now, I am looking for an honored job that will add experience to my building career. Here are some of my key strengths that I would bring to the position. I am:

1. A self-starter.

2. Disciplined.

3. An excellent communicator.

4. Very willing and eager to learn new things.

5. Exceptional at customer service.

6. Great team worker.

Accepting challenges is the foundation of my life experiences and something I do with confidence. You will find me a totally committed individual with pride in being direct, spontaneous and communicative. I can maintain records, perform numerical calculations with accuracy and I need little direction to complete assigned tasks. These are the qualities that make an excellent candidate for this post.

I was responsible for handling and organizing various important activities in my school. I have even participated in numerous cultural activities. I have working knowledge of MS Word, PowerPoint, MS Excel and Internet.

I would appreciate your consideration of my credentials. If you do think there is a shared interest, I would greet the chance to meet with you to hear more about your company, the requirements of the position, and how my skills would be a good fit.

Thank you in advance for your consideration.


Your Signature

Your Typed Name

I hope my article will help you in preparing a high-quality and eye-catching high school student cover letter.

Sample Request Letter

Request letters are written when you want to seek a favor from the concerned authority. You may request for scholarship, recommendation, product feedback, and many more. They strictly follow all the rules of formal letter writing. The language is extremely official and polite. The content is brief and to the point. Request letters are objectively written without any emotional statements. The central idea is to convince the person and not to coerce him to give in to your request.

To get a clear idea about how to write a request letter, look at the example given below.

Scenario – You as Tom Clark, wants to write a letter to the Chancellor of a university to grant you scholarship for further studies.

Tom Clark (the name of the sender)

The Clark House (complete address of the sender)

Street No.8




Ms. M.M. Williams (the name of the official)

Chancellor (title or designation)

University of California (address of his organization)


Subject – Request for the grant of scholarship

Dear Madam, (Use ‘Sir’ to address a male)

I introduce myself as Tom Clark, a topper in the Business stream in the state exams. I would like to apply for the Best Student Scholarship to help me take up studies at the college level.

I am a student of Fountain Valley School and passed the state exams with a score of 395 out of 400 marks this year.

I belong to a respectable family. My father, Tim Clark, is a farmer. He toils throughout the day and earns a meager amount. He is a law-abiding citizen and has never got into any conflicts with anyone. The locals of our village look upon him for his righteousness. My mother, Julie Clark, works in a local bakery shop. My other family members have served the nation during Tsunami catastrophe. Two of my brothers worked day and night with local doctors to save lives of tsunami victims. My younger sister is studying in eighth grade.

My parents are financially weak and have a large family to support. They cannot afford the expenses of my further studies. Therefore, I request for some financial support to help me go to college and fulfill my career dreams.

I enclose copies of a reference letter and character certificate from the principal of my school. I also attach my mark sheets of the state exam.

I will be obliged if you consider my plea and help me.

Thanking You,

Yours faithfully,


Tom Clark (sender’s name)

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