The Little-Known Marketing Secret That Allows You To Write Advertising Homeruns

You remember Sherlock Holmes don’t you? Holmes was the fictional consulting detective invented by Scottish physician Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Holmes, as you know, is famous for cracking open difficult cases and solving them with almost magical abilities.

So, grab your inspector’s hat and let’s play Sherlock Holmes for just a moment. We’re going to do a little spying today and see if the “Sherlock” in you can turn up a few profit clues lurking all around.

This is the shortest course to the profit-land in this crazy fun business. The direct marketing or “mail order” business as we affectingly call it have a “secret” way of “spying” on the competition. It’s called “seeding.”

Very simply, seeding is where you get on other businesses mailing list

… for the sole purpose of snooping and finding out what’s going on in your selected marketplace.

This does several things for you.

First, you’ll start receiving offers from the company you inquired about plus competing companies. And these offers can be golden to you by seeing exactly who’s mailing what.

You’ll see firsthand what their winners are, how the copy reads, what offers are hot and ideas will start to catch fire.

And if you go the extra yard and actually buy something, you’ll experience firsthand how you were treated, what upsells they offer, and how they run the customer service side of the business.

Simply put, this is one of the best direct marketing educations you can get. And best of all… it won’t cost you a fortune.

Basically, you get a master’s level marketing education for the mere cost of a postage stamp and the time it takes to “sign up.”

Pretty damn cool, right? As my late marketing mentor Melvin Powers once told me, “There are no secrets in the mail order business.”

You’ll be tuned in to ‘real world-real time’ marketing methods and strategies. This is one of the best ways to stay up-to-date with powerful trends and effective marketing that’s cutting edge.

Seeding gives you another huge benefit…

… A swipe file right at your fingertips.

What’s that, you say? Swipe file? YES! Swipe File!

What’s a swipe file? Hey, I’m glad you asked.

A swipe file is a collection of marketing pieces that have a proven history of positive results. These ads are bringing in bucket loads of profits, leads, store visits or whatever action the ad is asking from the customer.

But how do you know if these ads are profitable or not? It’s not really that hard to figure this out… and you don’t have to guess.

If you see a marketing promotion (advertisement, sales letter, squeeze page, etc.) that runs over and over or is mailed over and over, then you’ll know for sure it’s a winner.

Most marketers, especially direct response type businesses loath wasting money. Again, if you see an ad repeated over and over again, you can rest assured that it’s making money for the advertiser.

Once you start building your swipe file you’ll want to see how you’re marketing stacks up to the competition. Ideas gleamed from your swipe file could be used to improve your marketing.

There’s no reason to reinvent the wheel. In direct marketing (or mail order), you have learned that there are no secrets. Everything is laid out there for you.

And by the way, did I mention swiping is legit… it’s sharply slices a huge portion of the learning curve!

Let me tell you a quick story about one of the most successful, profitable and effective direct marketing promotions to hit during the 20th Century.

It was 1974 and Martin Conroy was commissioned to write a sales letter to sell subscriptions for the Wall Street Journal.

No big deal, right? After all it was only two pages printed front to back… a mere 780-word letter.

But here’s the thing. Did you know that one of the most successful and profitable sales letter ever written…

This super-successful sales letter mailed for 28-years with almost no changes to the original copy. It raked in over an estimated TWO BILLION DOLLARS in gross revenues!

Take one of the most famous copywriting controls, The Wall Street Letter written by the late Martin Conroy. He in fact swiped it from a sales letter written many years before.

So what was the secret to this mega-success letter?

The secret, according to industry insiders, is that Conroy relied on a little-known “trick” to cheat his way to writing the pitch.

It’s helpful to know that Conroy’s letter was not beaten until 2002. It was beaten in two consecutive tests… the first test Conroy’s letter was beaten by less than 10%. The second by a huge 24%.

The second letter was written by copywriting legend Mal Decker.

So, the question is how did Mal Decker come up with a letter to beat the ‘unbeatable’ control?

The answer… again… it’s surprisingly simple… and you my friend can use this ethical “cheat” to produce blockbuster ads, web pages, sales letters, and just about any marketing piece you need to write.

Now I’m not saying its OK for you to straight out copy the ad word for word. Not at all… I’m saying it’s fine to borrow or swipe ideas, concepts and compelling parts that intrigue you and adapt them to your marketing.

Swiping is a great way to infuse new life in old copy and can often lead to more sales and leads.

So start your swipe file today and let the ideas flow.

Secret Strategies To Generate Money From Amazon To Become Digital Entrepreneur

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The Secret Seduction Society Part III

The history of the seduction community.

There have been many infamous seducers throughout history ranging from Casanova to even Elvis Presley. But no group or society of people existed for any length of time who shared information between each other that really worked.

The first book on the general topic of flirting with and seducing women was written by Eric Weber in 1970 and called “How to Pickup Girls”. A pretty basic book by today’s standards and knowledge of social dynamics but it still set the path for the beginnings of the seduction society.

In the early 1980’s two Californian seduction and dating gurus emerged and started teaching their own brand of advice on how to meet women.

One of these was a guy by the name of “R. Don Steele”. His theories on the art of flirting are mainly influenced by Russian born American writer and philosopher Ayn Rand and her theories of “objectivism”. In the method he called the “Steel Balls” approach, Steele focuses more on teaching men over 35 to meet and seduce young women. Or at least women who are younger than the students themselves.

The second name to emerge was that of “Ross Jeffries”. His theories on attracting women are mainly influenced by hypnosis experts and writers Grinder and Bandler and their theories on Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP). Ross’s seduction style and collection of ideas are called “Speed Seduction” or (SS) for short.

In an attempt to market Speed Seduction, in 1994 Ross Jeffries had Lewis De Payne, then a student, create the Internet newsgroup called (ASF).

The ASF newsgroup really was the true birth of the seduction society. It enabled a small number of men and the odd woman from all around the world to exchange ideas, flirting tips and reports on what worked for them. The main reason that community members use handles and nicknames to this day is because these nicknames were the online names they used on the original ASF newsgroup.

What made the community different from more main stream advice at the time was both the non-politically correct approach that seemed to sit well with guys and unlike most mainstream advice, some of the methods really did work!

Because the community used newsgroups to communicate most people had no idea how to access them or what they even were. So from the beginning the society was only available to those computer savvy enough to access it. For a few years the ASF newsgroup and Ross’s Speed Seduction was the main focus of the community and Ross was the acknowledged guru with little challenge from anyone else. Ross then wrote his book “How to Get the Women You Desire into Bed”.

Around this time male escort NathanX (aka Nathan Xavier) and now sex coach joined the community in search of advice on how to improve establishing quicker rapport with female clients to help them relax and enjoy sex more. He then started contributing to the small community.

Eventually the un-moderated ASF newsgroup became overwhelmed with too many posts, spam and flames. Ray Gordon, another self proclaimed seduction guru, was a large contributor to the flames and spam on the group.

In order to moderate the posts, the “Learn the Skills Corporation” created a moderated alternative to ASF known as “Moderated ASF” (mASF) and Ray Gordon was banned forever. The PUA formhandle took over the running of this group.

Ross Jeffries had had a long run as the leading guru of the community, but from around 2000 onwards other men in the community were coming forward as alternative teachers or gurus. Ross gradually lost his position and status as the main guru as different methods and competing theories emerged.

Some of the best theories, seduction tips and methods were collected together into what was called the “Lay Guide”. Which was really just a collection of posts from the various top pickup artists of the time such as Mystery, Ross, Manic high, Grand Master Flash, Nathan and so on. The “Lay Guide” in more recent times even became a published book and is available on Amazon. It was good for what it was for the time but is a little dated in its explanation of social dynamics now.

Next an ex-student of Ross Jeffries’, David DeAngelo, started teaching his own theories and methods. Allegedly Ross tried to steal David DeAngelo’s girlfriend of the time and they subsequently fell out over it. What really actually happened only they know. Suffice to say David broke away from Ross and created his own school called “Double Your Dating”.

David DeAngelo’s approach (Cocky and Funny) was a lot more politically correct than Ross’ and was able to enter into more mainstream media and became more accepted by it. Ross never really tried to angle his approach so he could reach a wider more mainstream media in the way David has over the years.

Ross has drifted further and further away from the community and hasn’t been present at any the large scale conventions, such as the Cliff’s List ones, for the last few years. This may in some part be due to the fact that he sees all other methods other than his own as copies of his original theories and as such, inferior to his own. So much so he was nicknamed “mine99” for claiming too often that he had already developed theories during his 1999 conference – the joke here being that whatever new theory came out, Ross would claim it as his own and reference his conference of 1999. Even to this day he is refereed to solely as Mine99 by some people.

Without doubt Ross was, and always will be the Godfather of modern seduction and the seduction community. Without Ross there would have been no secret community learning how to meet women and we would not be as advanced as we are in the understanding of social dynamics.

Much of Ross’ terminology and general ideology is still in use even though he has fallen out of general favour.

Another man to come forward was a Canadian who goes by the name of Mystery (aka Erik Von Markovik). Mystery’s style came through an understanding of social skills based upon his performances as a street magician. Mystery’s style was originally called FMAC, Find, Meet, Attract, Close but later evolved to the name The Mystery Method.

Many of the terms still used by the community like “routine” and “set” are taken from terms magicians use and introduced by Mystery.

Mystery method didn’t use the NLP patterns like in Ross’s Speed Seduction and for some guys seemed more natural and less manipulative of women.

Mystery’s approach became popular and he was the first person to take students out “in field” (a community term) into night clubs to demo his own methods and critique his students in what are now called “boot camps” or “workshops”.

One of Mystery’s first students was the writer Neil Strauss, who went by the community handle of “Style”. Neil originally joined the community assess the possibility of writing a book on the people of this odd ball secret community.

Neil, or “Style”, became extremely accomplished in approaching women, seducing women, how to flirt and social dynamics and eventually became a seduction coach himself.

Project Hollywood was born. Mystery, Style, Juggler, Herbal, TD and others rented a mansion in the Hollywood hills and started teaching hundreds and hundreds of students. Other lairs and projects started forming all over the world in Sydney, London, New York and so on.

Neil wrote an article in 2001 for the New York Times detailing his exploits in the community. This spring boarded his book entitled “The Game” which came out some time later and become a top seller.

Many other names, schools and coaches emerged during the period following 2002 onwards as the community became bigger and bigger. Around 2004 saw the more general commercialization of the community as more and more schools were offering and selling products, bootcamps and workshops.

The difference between the community and mainstream dating advice was that the “community” instructors were actually going out day and night testing and improving their methods “in field”. The top guys in the community could seduce a woman every night if they wanted to and had gotten their skills down to a science. The academic and mainstream community was and still is years behind on a practical level of applied seduction techniques.

Neil Strauss’s book “The Game” was released around September and October of 2005 and hit the New York Times best-seller list. Neil compared the community to a men’s self-help movement and the book detailed his journey from being really poor with women to a seduction master.

The “Community” was forever changed when “The Game” was released. The secret society was no longer any great secret. Literally thousands of guys were joining the seduction lairs each week. The once secret society of geeks who had become masters with women had now got itself a mainstream platform. People saw that what these guys were doing was working and people wanted a part of it.

Just after the release of “The Game” hundreds of guys were signing up to learn seduction skills at various gurus workshops and bootcamps wanting to know the secrets.

Neil appeared on a number of TV programs to promote “The Game” including Richard and Judy in the UK and The View in the US.

Later Wayne “Juggler” Elise hosted a TV series in the UK, on Channel Four called “Seduction School” all about teaching guys how to get better with women. Even more people became aware of the community.

The teachers and schools of the community gained more and more commercial success and became more professional businesses. These include the Badboy lifestyle, Real Social Dynamics, PUA Training, Style Life, Charisma Arts, Pickup 101, Swinggcat Method and Master Your Sex Life.

Each dating school now teaches their own style and specializes in their own theories. For example online flirting, night clubs, day game, rapport building, confidence and so on.

In 2006 former male escort NathanX formed “Master Your Sex Life” (MYSL). This was and is the only school of sexual self improvement for men where techniques can been seen and learned live in their totally unique live workshops. Master Your Sex Life is the only company to specialize in the whole arena of sexual self improvement. Every other school teaches dating advice only.

In 2006 Mystery split with his long term business partner Savoy and The Mystery Method corporation to form the Venusian Arts corporation. The Mystery Method still continues but without Mystery as an instructor.

2007 saw the release of the book “The Mystery Method : The fool proof way to get any woman you want into bed”. Mystery took the community more mainstream by appearing on programs like the US Conan O’Brien Show to promote his book.

August 2007 will see the new reality show called “The Pickup Artist” on VH1 following Mystery, Matador and J-Dog as they teach guys how to go from likable, quirky personalities who have trouble getting women into “Master Pick Up Artists”

Estimated 2007/2008, the movie based on Neil Strauss’s book “The Game” and the seduction society has now been optioned by Sony. It is planned to be directed and produced by the brothers Chris and Paul Weitz who also directed American Pie.

Another awesome thing that will come out of the community is the long awaited “Sexual Mastery for Men” product by NathanX. Said to be 10 volumes of DVDs/CDs and book on sexual mastery. Teaching all his secrets skills learnt from 10 years working as a male escort to women. It is said to be hitting stores in Europe and the US in 2008 and is set to reshape sexual understanding for men.

Other seduction schools and trainers from the community are also know to be in talks for various TV shows and series around the world. So you are sure to see lots more dating gurus with funny names on your TV over the next few months and years.

Gradually, the art of seduction and secret seduction community has gone from nerds on a newsgroup to large scale commercial success as it now helps tens of thousands of men every day improve their sexual, social and romantic skills. If all these guys are learning these skills its obvious that those who don’t know will be left behind.

The quality of the available information on social dynamics, sexual skills and how to succeed with women has vastly improved. The knowledge of what’s sexually possible and how to massively improve on our sexual skills beyond what most guys think is possible is available to learn today. Maybe it’s time you looked into the world of seduction and found out what’s possible.

The Small Business Success Secret to Marketing With Ease and to Increase Your Sales

So many entrepreneurs struggle to create a successful home-based business – going through times of plenty, and times of drought. Only about 18% of entrepreneurs are extremely successful. Want to know a small business success secret? Successful entrepreneurs make the best use of resources to accomplish more with less effort – they use the principle of leverage.

Small business resources that entrepreneurs can leverage include knowledge, expertise, time, human resources, systems and technology. The result of leverage is a turn-key business that can “run itself”, generate more profits with less stress, and allow for the freedom to enjoy prosperity.

A great way to leverage technology is to automate and simplify your sales and marketing with an online professional shopping cart. This small business success secret allows you to put your small home-based business on autopilot, exposing hidden profit sources. Using an online shopping cart is the fastest and most flexible way to do business online, without expensive and complicated software.

The shopping cart small business success secret will grow your online business by leaps and bounds when you:

o Use custom forms and opt-in boxes to collect names and email addresses of website visitors

o Keep in touch with your customers 24/7

o Maintain accurate contact information of your clients and prospects

o Automate product sales and purchases

o Send personal automatic email responses (auto responders) to inquiries, registrations, purchases, and to follow up with prospects

o Deliver scheduled, informative emails, newsletters and promotional messages to your mailing list

o Set up multiple affiliate programs for others to market your business

o Track the success of your ads and emails

o Test and track your website links

o Use questionnaires to discover customer needs

Statistics show that you need to contact a prospective customer 7-9 times, before they remember your business. Many entrepreneurs stop at only 2-3 follow-ups and are losing 70-80% of their sales! The online shopping cart will help you follow-up easily and effortlessly with autoresponders.

It is easy to believe that doing already contracted work is more important than marketing, but you must have marketing systems in place to generate sales consistently. You want a successful home-based business, not the feast-or-famine roller coaster that many home-based business entrepreneurs experience. Even if you are doing well now, keep looking toward the future and how to further take advantage of this small business success secret.

Several online shopping cart companies offer similar services, but at the very minimum, you want to ensure the program you choose:

o Offers support services

o Offers free tools

o Is easy and accessible

o Is simple to setup, even for a novice

o Offers multiple packages

o Offers a NO RISK trial period

Here’s how to get started with an online shopping cart:

1) Identify your marketing and sales goals.

2) Determine what products and services to sell on the internet.

3) Sign up for an online shopping cart and discover how you can easily use its internet marketing tools to achieve your goals.

4) Get the help of an e-Commerce Virtual Assistant or Shopping Cart Strategist who has the technical cart skills and strategic expertise to effectively market your business online

The online shopping cart technology and its small business resources are essential to any successful home-based business. Implement this small business success secret to develop a consistently thriving business that is easy to manage, achieve your marketing goals with ease and skyrocket your sales.

Copyright 2009, Michele Hanson-O’Reggio. All rights reserved.

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