Home Typing Services and Secretarial Services – How to Choose a Name

Choosing a name for your secretarial services or typing business is important. Select it carefully.

Be sure the name fits these criteria:

o Indicate you are providing secretarial, transcription, VA, data entry or typing services.

o Easy to remember.

o Distinctive – stand out from your competition.

o Catch the client’s attention.

o Create a professional image.

o Inspire clients to buy from you.

Which of these has more appeal? HyperTyper or Judy’s Word Processing? “HyperTyper” tells what Gloria does. She provides typing services and she types fast. Many people have commented they choose Gloria’s typing services because of her business name.

Choose a simple name your clients will be able to remember, pronounce, and spell. They have to remember your business name to look you up in the phone book or call information when they lost your phone number.

List Characteristics

List all the characteristics of your business. Find synonyms. Check several categories in the Yellow Pages and look for existing names you like. Play with combinations and variations of all of the above.

Send a short survey to your friends and business associates. Have them vote from 1-10.

If you offer secretarial services, try using any of these descriptions in a name: Word Processing, Data Entry, Secretarial Services, Transcription, Medical Transcription, Legal Transcription, Office Support, Desktop Publishing, and Graphic Design.

Should You Use Your Own Name?

Using your name, followed by the type of service works well if you have a reputation in your specialty. An example is “Michelle Smith’s Medical Transcription” or “Ann Johnson’s Legal Transcription.” Looking like a one-person organization makes your business more personalized. People like to deal with the same person rather than with different people each time. Try your own name in combination with any of the above. Add words such as Professional, Excellent, Reliable/Dependable, Fast, Express, and Creative.

Test Your Name

Once you have chosen a few names, test them out on friends and family, potential clients and everyone you know. Ask them what kind of service they think you provide and what feeling they get about the name.

After selecting your business name, you can now start creating your logo, letterhead, envelopes, and business cards.

Secretarial Services and Typing Services – Start-Up Cost

Here’s what you’ll need to start a secretarial business and provide typing services and what the estimated start-up cost is.

You can start your secretarial business and provide typing services with just a computer, printer, a few business cards, and a pack of paper. You can get additional equipment and supplies later.

  • A computer. Any computer will get you started. You don’t need a high-end computer for word processing. However, if you want to provide graphic design or web design services, then you’ll want to get the best computer you can afford. Cost: From $200 for a used computer to $300-$2500 for a new computer. You can find used computers in your local newspaper and specialized local computer publications.
  • Software: Most computers come with a word processing program. I recommend using Microsoft Word as soon as you can afford it because that’s what most of your clients will have. Cost: Check Microsoft.com for current prices.
  • A printer: I recommend a laser printer but many secretarial service operators and typists use an inexpensive inkjet printer. Cost: From $10 for a used inkjet printer or $400-$2000 for a laser printer. Get more information at Best Buy, Fry’s and other computer stores. Check websites of HP, Cannon and Samsung.
  • A desk. You can get a small computer desk or use a table. Cost: $30 and up. You have many choices for $100-$200.
  • A computer chair. Choose one that feels comfortable to you. The more expensive chairs are not necessarily the most comfortable ones. Check some office supply stores. Cost: $30-$200.
  • Office supplies. Supplies you may need include paper to print your clients’ work, printer cartridge, pens, paper clips, envelopes, a filing system, and a stapler. Cost: Check local office supply stores such as Office Depot, OfficeMax, and Staples. Or order their catalogs.
  • A telephone: I recommend getting a separate phone line from the beginning. Cost: Check with your local phone company.
  • Business cards: Printed business cards will look more professional than cards you print on your own printer one sheet at the time. Cost: $20-$200 for a set of 500 to 1000 business cards.
  • A business license. Cost: $20-$100 depending on the city and county.

If you already have a computer, a word processing program and a printer, your start-up cost is minimal. You can start your secretarial business and provide typing work with some basic office supplies and buy additional equipment or software later when a project requires it.

All the best success with your secretarial business!

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