The Power of Residual Income Membership Sites

The reason that so many marketers have created Private Label Rights Membership Sites is there are few markets online more profitable than the Membership Site Business Model. The most important benefit of owning a membership site is that it creates that elusive residual income.

For years the top Internet Marketing Gurus peddled their wares, one program or one product at a time. These marketers were like traveling salesmen, selling one product to one customers and going to the next house to repeat their sales spiel all over again. These marketers embraced the model that gives you credit for one sale and then the customer belongs to

Seeing the light before the end of the tunnel, these same top marketers realized that they needed a way to keep their customers. The basic sales strategy is that it is most cost effective to sell to an existing customer than it is to acquire a new customer.

That reality began the big push to create opt-in list. These list are worth their weight in Internet gold. Each customer on an opt-in list represents potential income. In fact some mathematically inclined marketers can predict with accuracy exactly how much money they will make from their huge opt in list as soon as they push the send button.

But true residual income program pay the Business owner like clockwork. Many new Internet Marketers and some of the seasoned marketers miss this important source of income. If a marketer does not leverage his income and focuses on only one type of income, a Google Slap could wipe out ongoing income. If a marketer is dependent on one product or suite of products for their livelihood, when a newer or more innovative product is launched, a highflying new marketer may find that the impressive income disappears overnight

Most affiliate programs pay a one-time commission. With residual income programs like Excel Communications, or the program that sold residential energy, the mantra is that you work hard to day for ongoing income tomorrow. Residual income programs are available for many different products. Products like life insurance sales, to communications or Internet Service Providers, and to some extent hosting companies.

With residual income program, marketers are not required put together a new hyped up

email invitation for every new launch on the Internet. It is not as important to send out a daily email begging for the next sales to a list of individuals who are just about tired of hearing from you.

The money from a residual income program is automatically deducted from your customer’s account and placed into yours. No matter where you happen to be in the world, the payments are automatically added to your merchant account.

This is the reason that Membership Sites are expanding daily on the Internet. In addition to the massive income that some marketers are making, these sites represent a long-term stable income model.

This new business model creates the ultimate in hands off recurring income. Membership sites are the perfect example of a perfect residual income model. This multi-million dollar business model combines the best of Multi-Level Marketing with Internet Marketing.

This new moneymaking trend is spreading like wildfire all over the net. The Internet is quietly transforming from a free for all gold rush to a pay for content enterprise. Those individuals who can stay in front or the trends and profit from that knowledge will indeed become the new millionaires.

This is the business model that 75% of the Top Internet Marketers online have adopted. Of course all Marketers create at least three types of income. But the residual income model is the least intrusive and the most profitable over time. Most top Internet Marketers are using these sites as their retirement income. A membership site with recurring income is in fact the ultimate way to earn a living on the Internet.

Top Indian Horoscope Sites List

What is Astrology?

The prediction of a person’s future (what is going to happen to you) based on a comparison of the zodiacal data for the time of birth with the data from the period under consideration. the configuration of the planets, the sun, and the moon in the sky at a particular moment. is the premier destination for free horoscope content. Offering an extensive selection of free daily, weekly and monthly readings, is a daily destination for the majority of its ever-growing audience of over 5 million monthly unique visitors. they team of Astrologers hand-craft all of the content on the site, and they are constantly working together to conceptualize exciting new content features.

The latest in astrological trends by Susan Miller, comprehensive, complete, intelligent, and accurate. Your life in 3D: culture, style, romance, money, real estate. Read this month’s horoscope, Taurus, Cancer, Scorpio Virgo, Libra…

Daily Astrology, Free Today’s Horoscope, Love Horoscope, Daily/Today’s Horoscopes GaneshaSpeaks. Get accurate forecasts for all-star/ sun/zodiac signs on love, career and more. is recognized as the premier astrology consulting service provider in India. they are a mobile marketplace for astrology and its related advisory services. they help customers hire trusted esoteric professionals for all their astrology needs. they have a team of young. was founded with a mission of providing online personalized astrology consultation to each of its customers. To achieve this mission, they have a team of astrologers who are renowned and recognized all over the globe for their knowledge of ancient principles of Vedic astrology. is the world’s leading Tarot and Astrology website, with more than 4 million members worldwide.

Launched in Portland in 1995, is part of Daily Insight Group (DIG) and Japan’s Zappallas, Inc., which publish a network of popular entertainment websites for horoscopes, Astrology, Numerology, Tarot, and gaming.

7. ClickAstro

Here you can even get a prediction for the next quarter of your life! So they offer the prediction for as long as 25 years from the time you approach them.

They offer a host of free services like – daily horoscope, kundli, love compatibility, marriage horoscope, pachanga prediction, Chinese horoscope, Chinese love compatibility, numerology, daily panchang, feng shui, wealth horoscope and marriage horoscope.


Well, that’s how they like to be known and from what we know, the subscribers of this portal vouch for it as well.

The scope isn’t just restricted to family, love and work… they also have a special programme where they assess students and throw light on their weaknesses and strength.

Further, you can even check on your name change report, birth chart report, birth star report and lots more! It isn’t uncommon to find their email in our inbox.You may have not subscribed to them but then yet you may find them in your mail box asking you to subscribe and at times offering you some free predictions we well.


The look of the portal is a bit cluttered but then keeping in mind the plethora of services they offer, you can overlook the design dynamics being followed by them.

Headquartered in Noida, they claim to be one of the most authentic astrology online service providers.


The second part of their name ‘mitra’ suggests a bond of friendship. They claim to be a ‘world of astrology experts’.

From offering live astrology to horary astrology, they also offer – career report, detailed life report, foreign travel astrology and education horoscopeThe free services include – free Vedic birth chart calculator, daily horoscope prediction by date of birth, monthly horoscope, moon sign horoscope and weekly horoscopes.

They also have an online store where you can buy gemstones, authentic rudraksha and report on numerology name business correction.


From offering Tarot Card reading to Feng Shui guidance, Astryogi is a one-stop solution for any field of astrology you are comfortable with.

They specialize in Vedic Astrology as well. An amazing feature that caught our attention here was their service on Palm Reading.

How-To Sell on Sites Like Etsy

Through sites like Etsy, Folksy and eBay, many are achieving dreams of owning their own business. But as more and more people are drawn to these sites it’s easy to get trampled by a herd of competitors. Owning your own online business can be fun and fulfilling; it frees you to explore your creativity and sell your products to a global market. But being self-employed is a lot of work.

Unlike the regular 9am-5pm grind, self-employment in an ecommerce world doesn’t have a punch-out time. For all it’s benefits, the internet has also produced a world of consumers who are spoiled to “instant gratification.” We want what we want, and we want it now! If you’re not able or willing to meet that need, there’s several other competitors who are. If you’re wanting to be successful, always keep that in mind.

With that said, here’s some tips from my personal experience as an online seller:

1.) Research.

Before opening your business do all the research you can. Research the fees and requirements of various sites, and compare the demographic of each site. Where do you fall into that mix? Are you a creative artist, who wants to explore their craft? Or, are you a discount hound that thrives on finding and reselling a bargain for a bit of profit?

Look at the differences of sites like Etsy vs. eBay. eBay is known to be the world’s largest garage sale, whereas Etsy’s a trendy artistic site. A necklace may sell on Etsy for $30.00 or more, whereas eBay customers will expect five of those same “handcrafted” necklaces for half that price. It may take you ten days to sell on Etsy, whereas you could make a sell everyday on eBay. Know your market.

2.) Network.

Most online commerce sites have forums filled with experts, who’ve been in the business a while and novices (like you), who need a guiding hand. Be helpful where you can, answer questions, and be proactive in getting to know the online community your joining. These friendships (even with competitors) can do more to help you, than harm you.

Becoming friends with a community of sellers helps you to become a known and respected seller. Friends will help draw business your way, provided you do the same for them. No-one can scratch their own back without a little help.

3.) Advertise.

This is your business. Take pride in it and make it as professional as possible. Print business cards and letterhead stationary. Send small thank-you cards or notes with each sell.

Get to know the YouTube and Blogger community. Use Keyword searches to seek-out those, who’ve shown interest in the kinds of products you sell. Offer a few samples of your products for review and/or giveaways on heavily trafficked areas. In-turn, they will advertise and draw customers to your shop.

Visit their channels and blogs frequently and read through the comments. Get an idea of what the viewers think of your product. It’s free market research that major corporations have paid tons of cash for. If there are questions, even though they’re asking the blogger or video broadcaster, be proactive and answer their inquiries. It shows you care about your product and how it’s perceived. It also shows you’re great at customer service for the would-be customer. Also, write your own blogs. Give tutorials on how to use or wear your products.

High-end shops to dollar stores label their shopping bags for a reason; it’s advertising! When people order through the mail, they like to feel like they’ve received something special. Wrap their package in colorful tissue paper with a ribbon and an elegant sticker naming your shop on the OUTSIDE of the wrapped package, include your web and email address. You’re essentially advertising to anyone and everyone, who’s handled that package. If it’s pretty enough, the customer will keep it. By doing that, they’re advertising to their friends.


I’ve listed it in all caps, because photos are critical to the success of your online business. Invest in a good quality camera that works well in all types of lighting and can focus well on small items like jewelry. Practice with it and learn photography techniques. Review the photos of competitors selling similar products. Look at their sales, and see how well they do.

If you offer a wide variety of “one-of-a-kind” products, you’ll spend most of your day setting-up and taking photos. As a time-saver, it’s best to maintain a large supply of stock, so you’re not constantly having to update and edit your shop’s site.

Always keep in mind that people are easily distracted by the variety of supply available to them. When a potential customer asks a question, be available and quick to respond before their distracted by another seller’s product.

To save yourself some time, set-up a “FAQ” page on your shop site, with quick-reference answers about shipping requirements, return and exchange policies, custom orders, etc. Try to foresee and answer as many of potential questions as possible on that page. Then, let them know the hours that you can be contacted directly for a quick response.

I’m simply offering helpful tips, based on my history of selling on such sites. Feel free to add to these, or take away from them. That’s the best perk of having your own business, you get to make all of the decisions.

I wish you the best of luck!

How to Plan and Build Business Web Sites Using a Simple Step-By-Step Blueprint

Business owners are usually concerned about technical issues regarding building, designing and maintaining a business website.


However, actually the first thing you have to do is keyword research. Make sure you select the right keywords for your website.

The second interesting thing is that we use to think about a website not about the web pages. The truth is that Google or other search engines index and show web PAGES, not websites. So we have to think about optimization of our web PAGES, for the selected keywords.

The last thing is to prepare the website’s title and subtitle. This is usually easy – you can take your company name, company slogan or the main product name.

So far we have prepared:

  • a list of targeted keywords for our web pages
  • a list of pages, every page focused (optimized) for one particular keyword
  • web site title and subtitle


The blueprint is a simple Excel sheet with the name of the website (the domain name), the website’s title and subtitle.

The rest of the blueprint is a list of web pages on a web site. The pages are organized in a table with the following columns: Page Name, Parent Page, Keywords, Title.

The pages on your website are usually the following:

  • Home
  • About
  • Contact
  • Privacy policy
  • Terms of use
  • Disclaimer
  • Blog
  • Product/Service A
  • Product/Service B

These names will be listed in column “Page names” in the blueprint. Only product or service pages need to be optimized for the defined keyword(s).

You can, of course have your main product or service on a home page and then the home page will be optimized for the main keyword(s) for your product/service.

A quick tip: links to pages like About, Contact, Privacy policy, Disclaimer, Terms of use, might be listed in the footer of the website. That way, the more important pages (like product or service pages) can be listed in the website header, on the website’s main menu.

Depending on the structure of your web site, you may or may not have a blog. If you have a blog, add the names of the blog categories to the blueprint as well. Make sure the category names target your main keywords.

Again, for every blog post, think how to assign your keywords and the title to every post so the post is optimized for your keyword. As a parent page for the blog post, type the category or categories it belongs to.

Social News And Bookmarking Sites – What Every Online Business Owner Needs To Know

If you run a business online then you’re probably looking for a way to increase the number of sales and the number of visitors to your site. One simple and cost effective way to do this is through social news and social bookmark sites.

Social news and bookmark sites are community driven. The community vote for the content that they want to see reach the popular pages. If your content reaches the front page then you are likely to attract tens of thousands of new visitors to your site. Imagine – all that traffic from one article!

Many website owners will spend vast sums of money on traditional advertising, yet treat social media sites almost as an afterthought. If you’re not using social bookmark and news sites then you’re missing out on a huge opportunity to grow your business.

Understandably, most people who run a small business or website are pushed for time. There are only so many hours in a day to get things done, but not using social media sites as a marketing channel is a big mistake. Here are just some of the reasons why you need to start thinking about social media marketing:

Drive traffic – social media sites will definitely drive traffic to your site if you reach the popular pages. You can attract a large number of visitors to your page that might otherwise take months to achieve from traditional internet marketing methods.

Reach influencers – by submitting your content to social media sites you can reach key “influencers” on the web. Why does this matter? Well, since most of these influencers have their own websites, reaching the popular pages will often mean that they will link back to your website, which helps you to climb up the rankings in search engines and also helps spread your products.

Build authority – building authority in your particular niche will undoubtedly increase sales. People are more likely to buy something from someone who appears to know what they are talking about. Reaching the front pages of social news and bookmark sites will help you build trust with your audience. You’ll also come to be regarded you as an expert in your field.

Grow your brand – social media sites can also help you to grow your brand. You can almost think of it as a form of public relations. You are increasing your visibility on the web and again, this helps you to gain trust with your audience.

Understand your customers – some users will leave comments about your submitted content. While not all will be helpful, there might be some valid suggestions from users. If you listen to your users and engage in a conversation with them they are far more likely to trust you in the future and you can also get some useful feedback on your website.

Increase sales/subscriptions – this is what every business or website owner wants. Not only can you increase sales in the long-term by building up your authority, but using social news and bookmark sites to promote your business will also see an increase in sales in the short term.

If you’re not using social news and bookmark sites as part of your overall marketing strategy then you’re missing out on potentially tens of thousands of new customers. Just one piece of content can drive traffic to your website and increase sales dramatically. So what are you waiting for? Start today and watch your online business grow!

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