Traffic Generation Beginner Guide # 3 – How to Use Viral Marketing to Generate More Website Traffic

Viral marketing is a marketing strategy that spreads like a virus to get website traffic. It works by asking a current subscriber to pass on your information to another person. Because it works based on the willingness of people, it goes straight to the inbox of potential buyers and not to the trash or spam folder. If you run an online business and you have not yet tried the power of viral marketing, this article will help to guide you in increasing traffic to your site by taking advantage of the power provided by internet promotion.


Providing incentives are one of the greatest motivating factors for a client to forward your ideas to a friend. By receiving incentives, a buyer will guide other potential customers to you and thereby increasing traffic to your site. Incentives may come in the form of discounts or bonuses, free subscription to newsletters, e-books, or free article reprinting or publishing. With these freebies in mind, your visitors will want to help increase your email list and spread your news like a virus.


Even with the best incentives, your visitors will not risk their reputation by referring useless information. Because people are innately social, they will want to refer information that is highly substantial, relevant and attractive to their email list. Since after all, they act like an endorser by putting their credibility on the line. If you want to guide traffic to your site, you need to create a marketing plan that is compelling and worth sharing. If your plan makes noise or creates a buzz, your idea will spread quickly like gossip in the internet world. The commotion you produce will guide online searchers to your website and generate huge traffic for you.

Publish in Blogs and Social Networks

Blogs and social networks are the lifelines for the interacting online community. By posting your ads in these sites, you can be certain that traffic will go straight to your website. Interacting with people is contagious especially if you have established a brand to your name. Once you make yourself an authority in the field, visitors will be coming to you and you guide others as well to increase your traffic.

Viral marketing employs the idea of spreading word of mouth marketing of your products or services. Like a real virus, it creates noise in the online community and makes your product known. With the generation of more traffic, you then guide your clients through your site. If they land on a compelling website, your enormous traffic can easily turn into sales.

LinkedIn Traffic Secrets – 5 Simple Steps for High Quality Daily Buyer Traffic

Don’t chase after traffic. Discover where the traffic is already going and get in front of it. Then redirect the traffic where you want it to go, directly to your profit centers.

Get Your Wisdom Right Here

So many online entrepreneurs chase after traffic. Even veteran online entrepreneurs get caught up in this potential trap.

Chasing after traffic is especially dangerous for the beginning online entrepreneur. They throw money after traffic by buying traffic before they know what they are doing.

This can lead to lots of money going out with nothing to show for it.

Listen. I’m not against paid traffic. I use it.

I just strongly recommend that you create a proven system that takes a new person from prospect to customer before you pay for traffic.

Especially since there are so many great ways to get high quality buyer traffic for

Let’s Look at This the Right Way

Your mindset about traffic is critically important. When you view traffic the right way you are much more likely to do traffic the right way.

Before we talk about what the profitable traffic mindset is, let’s talk a bit about what it’s not.

Profitable traffic is not a one time event.

I hear this often as an excuse for not being successful with traffic online.

“Well, I tried to get traffic like they said. I create a (fill in the blank) to get traffic and nothing happened. This traffic stuff doesn’t work!”

This traffic stuff does work, it just might be you didn’t work it right.

Driving consistent, evergreen buyer traffic is a life long task. I’ve been at this full time for almost 10 years now. I still make creating new traffic one of my daily revenue generation rituals.

The correct view is for the long haul, getting immediate, long-term and evergreen buyer traffic.

While looking at traffic the wrong way is one of the common traffic mistakes, there are 3 other big profitable traffic mistakes you need to be aware of and avoid.

Mistake #1

As with lots of online success, there’s this myth about traffic. The myth goes something like this:

“Well really good traffic is for those people, and I’m not one of those people.”

On the surface it’s the magical thinking that profitable traffic and the success that comes with is just something that magically happens to a chosen few. And you are certain you are not one of the few.

This is at best a glorified excuse for failing, even for not trying at all.

At worst it’s a story some are committed to believing, because they are very committed, almost wed, to the notion that success is for other people, not them.

The reality is that every single one of those people who are enjoying successful traffic started with ZERO TRAFFIC.

Then they got the first person, then another, and then another and so on. They were willing to do the necessary things and work for the traffic they said they wanted.

Implement the correct and current strategies for building traffic, work at it, and you’ll enjoy lots of evergreen buyer traffic.

The bottom line is that building traffic works when you work, and when you work it right.

Mistake #2

Here’s another big profitable traffic mistake: relying on only one source of traffic.

Many entrepreneurs do this silly thing around many issues in business. This mistake is so prevalent in fact that master marketer Dan Kennedy has said:

“The worst number in business is 1.”

Back when I was a therapist in private practice I build many sources of referrals, which is the same as traffic offline.

When I started writing a weekly relationship column for the local newspaper that quickly became nationally syndicated my practice exploded with referrals. I was full with a waiting list and was filling up the practices of colleagues as well.

It was very, very tempting to stop nurturing other long term traffic sources and to not build any other sources of referrals.

Knowing the worst number in business is “1” I continued to nurture all my other traffic/referral sources and build new ones as well.

I wrote that weekly column for the local newspaper for 10 years. When that column, a major referral source, ended I was not panicked or affected at all because I had continued building additional sources of referral.

The bottom line online is you want to make building traffic a life long daily pursuit so that you have multiple streams of traffic coming in from multiple sources.

Mistake #3

Once you get good at generating consistent traffic it’s very easy to believe you can then go do the rest on your own.

And you will be able to do some.

The reality is that the profitable traffic game online is ever changing. It’s really too much to try to keep up with on your own.

For this reason and many more I will always have a coach and always be a part of a mastermind. I always want to have another set of trusted eyes on my business.

Other people whom you trust can always see the things you can’t see, simply because it’s your business and you can get too close to be able to see all your options.

The bottom line for you is to always have trusted eyes on the traffic generation part of your business.

The Power of Profitable Traffic

Remember when I said don’t chase after traffic, find out where the traffic is going, get in front of it, and then re-direct it exactly where you want it to go?

And where you want it to go is your profit centers like your blog, your opt in pages, your product resource pages as well.

The 3 types of traffic you want to build are:

1) Immediate traffic

2) Regular traffic

3) Long-term/evergreen traffic

Results Now Mini-Workshop

Now let’s get you some traffic with your content, shall we?

The steps are simple really:

Step 1 – Choose a specific topic in your niche – Interestingly enough, the more specific you can make the topic, the more buyer traffic you will pull.

Cast too wide a net and the less high quality traffic you get.

Cast a specific targeted net and the more high quality buyer traffic you get.

Step 2 – Come up with the 3 most common mistakes most beginners make around that specific topic. These can also be mistakes everyone makes, beginners and veterans alike.

Step 3 – For each mistake talk about how the mistake is made and what it looks like, how easy it is to make. You want to avoid making your prospect feel bad for making this common mistake.

Step 4 – For each mistake include what to do instead. You are not giving away the farm here, just offering one small tip.

Step 5 – Include a call to action to visit one of your profit pages and get your content out on Social Media, your blog and LinkedIn.

Major congrats! You’ve just created and shipped an Evergreen Traffic Machine that will bring your immediate, regular and long term evergreen traffic.

Profitable Genius Tip

“An evergreen traffic machine a day sends buyer traffic your way.”

I promised you a “traffic genius tip” and here it is:

You want to make creating your evergreen traffic machines something that you do daily. While that may sound like a lot, when you see the results it will feel much easier.

As you’ll see ETMs come in all forms – some as simple, quick and easy as an info-graphic, along with some that take a little more time such as blog posts, articles and videos.

Building ETMs is one of my DRGRs – how’s that for alphabet soup?

Said another way – creating evergreen traffic machine to build waves of highly qualified buyer traffic is one on my Daily Revenue Generating Rituals. I recommend it becomes one of yours too.

28 Ways to Drive Traffic To Your Website

Generating traffic to a site is one of the biggest challenges most marketers and businesses face today. The internet has changed the way businesses market their products. Gone are the days when customers were local. The entire world has opened up in the search for customers. Today, Internet traffic means money and it is the lifeblood for every internet business. Every online business needs to know how to generate good traffic to be productive and competitive.

Suppose only 1 in 100 visitors buy, then to be successful you must focus on increasing your list and generating more traffic consistently. There are multiple ways to generate traffic. Some of the ideas may only work for a week or a month, so it is a good idea to search for traffic from every source available.

I have accumulated a variety of ways to build traffic for your site. Some may be familiar to you, some may be new. Take the time to research the topics so you can utilize each tool.

Drive Traffic from A to Z

1. Ad swapping

An advertisement swap is an agreement with another websites to exchange ads. It is a quick way to generate traffic to your site. There are pros and cons to ad swapping. The advantage is that you can build your lists quickly. A disadvantage is you don’t want to give away your best subscribers by ad swapping incorrectly. Ad swapping is a quick and simple way to generate traffic to your site. If it is done properly it can be a free way to generate traffic. Take the time to learn all you can about it before trying this technique.

2. Advertising

Advertising is necessary when building a business. The possibilities are endless. Business must buy customers with money and hard work, which is the bottom line to sales. Consider the following:

· Purchase advertising: There are a variety of ways you can purchase advertisement space such as Google, Facebook, Yahoo, T.V., newspaper, and magazine ads, as well as online local advertising. You can submit your site to every directory, to yellow pages both online and off. Submit your site to everything you can find.

· Employees, friends, and family: Encourage them to advertise your product as they surf the web. Ask them to make comments on forums, blogs, Facebook and the like.

· Your URL: Consider the power of your own URL. Put it on everything you do. Add it to letters, email signatures, flyers, phone books, brochures. Add it to company letterhead, business cards, put it on your building or door to your office, in newsletters, and on products.

3. Article Writing

Write articles for publication in e-zines and e-reports, and then submit them to as many websites as possible. Try to write a minimum of 2 short articles per week. If you are consistent, you can generate many readers to your site weekly.

You can also offer your articles to other website owners and article directories where other website owners can publish it. Make sure it has your author resource box at the end with your URL. They can publish them on their website, blogs, or in their newsletters. Then other website owners will consider you an expert in your field and may contact you for interviews or joint ventures. It also creates more search engine opportunities.

4. Awards

Posting awards you have earned gains customer trust. You can actually research and find organizations that offer awards. Apply for these awards and make the most of the publicity. If you are an affiliate, you can post the awards of the company you are selling for with their product.

5. Blogging

Don’t underestimate the power of blogging. In Wikipedia it said that as of 16 February 2011, there were over 156 million public blogs in existence and don’t discount the millions of personal blogs. Blogging is becoming a daily part of life for millions of people. That does not count the number of blog readers, but if only 10 people read those 156 million blogs in existence, imagine the number of readers. Be creative and find ways to tap into this incredible phenomenon. Create your own blog, and keep it up to date, add content consistently. Comment on other blogs in a professional way to establish yourself as an expert in your field but be careful about sounding like an advertisement for your product.

6. Business Cards and Coupons

Even though business cards and coupons were used way before the internet, they are still a good method of advertising. Use them to bring traffic to your website. Be sure they have all the important information on them particularly your website address. Give people a reason to keep your card. Add important information to your card such as schedules, calendars or personal notes.

7. Build Your Own List

Everyone has the ability to teach people something they have learned. Experience is marketable. Search the internet and find out what questions people are asking in your area of expertise. Write the answers down in a professional style, and then offer them in exchange for their email address.

8. Columnist for another website

Everyone is looking for content to add to their blog or website. Search the internet, find websites in your field and offer to write a column for them. This will get your name out there.

9. Coupons, Free Items, and Sales

Don’t underestimate the power of the word “free” to attract new customers. Businesses spent a lot of money on advertising to entice customers to their site. Use some of that budget to buy customers with a great deal. I don’t know of anything that works as well as a ‘real’ sale. Something a consumer can’t pass up. It can’t be a sale that will always be there, or procrastination sets in. “First time customer offers” is a great way to buy new customers.

10. Customer Relations

Never underestimate the power of word of mouth, for good or for bad. Treat your customers with the utmost respect and give them the best service you have available. Customers will be one of your biggest advertisement resources. One customer has multiple friends, and will often post their satisfaction or frustration on Facebook, blogs, or other social networking devices.

11. Donate Prizes to Contests

Find someone who is offering a contest and offer something free. You will have free advertising space to all who join the contest. Or host your own contest for a quick burst of traffic.

12. Ecourses

An ecourse can be anything from a simple educational series to yearlong in depth study. They can include how to videos, photos, or plain text. You write “How To” courses in step by step intervals and send them out to customers on a specified schedule.

13. Email Signature Files

At the end of all your emails, add a little advertisement with your URL. Also, everyone reads the P.S. at the end of an email so add a coupon or free merchandise.

14. Forums

Comment on forums. You can establish yourself as an expert in your field by answering questions and posting knowledgeable comments. Do your research; find the forums that will benefit from your expertise. Make sure you read the rules of each forum and follow them.

15. Invite Guest Bloggers

Compliment a well-known personality in your field by asking them to contribute a blog to your own blog.

16. Hub Pages

You can share your expertise and post them on hubs. Writers read and comment on each others work. This is another way to get search engines to find you and it’s free. With hubs you can use text, insert photos, maps, poles, videos, and links to your site.

17. Logo

Create a logo and post it on everything you do. People will begin to associate your business with your logo.

18. Newsletters

A regular newsletter is one of the best ways to get repeat traffic. Newsletters keep customers informed and bring them back for more. Make your newsletter more than just an advertisement. Offer valuable information. Include coupons and free offers.

19. Optimize Search Engines

This is the number one most important thing you can do for your website. Getting your site listed on the first page of search engines is an important goal. You can purchase a spot. But you should also work hard to use the correct keywords that will make it easy for search engines to find you. Many of the suggestions in this article will open new opportunities for search engines to find you and your work.

20. Radio, Podcast, News via Internet

These are becoming very popular on the web and they are always looking for guests. Go to these sites and you will usually see a link where you can register to become a guest. If you become a guest, many of these hosts will link to your website from the front page of their site.

21. PR Firm

You can always pay for professional advertising.

22. Social Networking

Almost everyone who uses a computer is connected to some type of social network. Get involved with Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter.

23. Sticky Website

After all the work you do to entice a visitor to your site, keep them. Make sure you have good information and a professional site that makes people stay and return.

24. TV Ads

TV time is actually less expensive than people think. With so many programs and channels now days there are more options for advertising space.

25. Video and Audio

This is a very powerful tool. Create a great “how to” video and post it on YouTube. Interview someone or vice versa. YouTube is the dictionary of video; use it for your benefit.

26. Webinars

Webinars are becoming very popular. You can sponsor a lecture, a workshop, or any type of training and transmit it over the Web.

27. Web Directories

Don’t forget to post your site in a Web directory. There are several available on line.

28. Word of Mouth

This cannot be over emphasized. Happy customers tell their friends and family. Provide excellent customer service and let your customers advertise for you. Make sure all your employees are kind and helpful to your customers. Poor customer service cannot sell the best product on the market. Awesome customer service can sell a poor product. Think about it.

As long as this list is, it is not complete. There are multiple ways to drive traffic to your site. Be creative and come up with your own ideas. The bottom line as always is hard work and determination. Good luck.

Different Ways Of Generating Traffic, Leads And Sales For Your Affiliate Or Own Offers

When it comes to running an offline or online businesses, the most critical things owners need – besides the necessary licence and equipment – are traffic, leads and sales. Yet in spite of knowing this, the underlying question in most of their minds – is how to get more while spending less or better still, for free?

Having said that, this is what my article going to address today.

Now regardless of what they are called, they still boil down to one common factor which is people. Because without them taking action the way you want be it seeing your offer, listening to and reading what you presented and taking up your free and paid offer, your business is not going to last. That is the brutal truth in traditional and internet marketing as well.

So the question is how do I get traffic?

To be honest, there is no right and wrong answer. But there are free and paid methods you can use.

However before even doing so, it is important to identify if there is a market for your offer and connecting with people within that. This is absolutely necessary in order to build an audience as in groups of people who know, like and trust you. Especially when you focused on free methods which I touched upon later.

It is the same way with how you got to know your friends, boyfriend, girlfriend or spouse and how politicians do to get more people to vote for them and formed the government. You might also see that in networking events and seminars.

Below are both free and paid strategies I know and learnt from more experienced marketers.

A. Free

1. Article Marketing

This is by far the oldest but still workable method. What you do is write and submit an article like what you see now into relevant sites like Ezine Articles.

2. Blogging

This is more of a long-term SEO and wealth building strategy.

You can write whatever you want in your blog – preferably WordPress into your own domain and hosting and then connect with other bloggers in your niche either through blog commenting or guest posting.

3. Classified Advertising

You might not believe this but this is how I got started making my first dollar in 2008.

This is a great alternative and test to paid ads.

What you need to do is to come up with a eye-catching headline and 2-3 lines ad with links before posting to relevant sites like Craiglist and Gumtree.

4. Directory Submissions

In the past this used to work very well.

But in the wake of Google’s relentless updates, many sites have come and go so apart from Dmoz, they are no longer variable today.

5. Email Marketing

This works provided you have a quality email list of subscribers who are eager to read from, trust and buy from you.

But for this to work effectively, you need a high converting landing page and reliable autoresponder to send unlimited emails.

6. Forum Posting

Forums are online discussion sites in which people congregrated and discussed about common issues and interests.

To get started, there are important rules you have to abide by in order not to get banned.

Such as do not spam but provide helpful information in answering what they need and want to know with your blog and landing page links in your signautre – which is the footer text below every post you make

7. Google SEO

If you provided good quality content in your blog in the form of articles and even videos with social media channel links – I will be talking about later, the major search engine will reward you with higher rankings on first page for maximum exposure and even leads and sales from your searchers.

This also helps if you have comments and questions below your posts.

8. PDF Submissions

You can also compile a set of 5-10 articles into MS Word or Open Office into a report or e-book with an attractive cover before publishing in sites like Calameo, Scribd and Slideshare.

9. Press Releases

They are basically online versions of newspaper reports in which you can submit to related sites.

There are both free and paid services in which you can submit.

10. Social Media And Networks

You can also participate in social networks like Facebook where you can post on your timeline, create fanpages, live events, videos and joined and share in groups like what you do in forums.

Others include LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest and Tumblr.

11. Video Marketing

This is where you create your videos from your own PC or iPhone camera, powerpoint slides or both with some music background and introduction or highlighted points text.

If you just want to show your face, you can use camera.

But if you want to share your PC screen, I will recommend Jing and Camtasia Studio – the latter gives you a free 30 day trial before you pay a one-time fee of $197.

12.. Web 2.0 Properties.

You can also post your content in other blogging platforms like Blogger, Hubpages, Webs, Weebly and Wix.

In the past these used to work like a charm in the form of Google Wonder Wheel.

But now you can only posted what you had not in your articles and blog posts.

This works best when you are doing e-commerce and your info products.

13. Webinars

They are online versions of seminars in which you can invite your subscribers and customers to attend before presenting your offer.

For this, I recommend Go-To-Webinar and Zoom.

B. Paid

For paid strategies, I will recommend 3 platorms in Bing, Facebook And Google Ads. At the time of writing this, mobile apps and YouTube Ads also came about.

With that said, these are both free and paid methods I know of getting traffic, leads and sales for your sites.

Traffic to Start Your Website Business

When it comes to an online business, the most important thing to improve on is your online traffic. Online traffic basically means the number of people who visits your website; better traffic means better profits. There are different ways wherein a higher traffic would help improve the profit of a website depending upon the nature of its business. In general, all websites would benefit from a high traffic because they will be able to increase the price of their pay per click links and other advertisements. When advertising on billboards and other locations, prime spots such as streets with high pedestrian or vehicle traffic are the most expensive spots to advertise in, this is the same when it comes to website advertising. A higher traffic would result in higher costs of advertising spots.

A common advertising model is known as pay per click which means the advertiser would pay the website where his advertisement is placed for every person who clicks on that link. The more traffic a website has then that website can charge more. The question which would remain of course is how can you increase the traffic of your online business in order to charge more for each link and advertisement?

There are actually a lot of different ways for you to increase your traffic in order to get your business up and running. The first step in increasing your traffic is to let other people know that your website exists in the first place and one method which is practiced by a lot of other websites is to write and distribute articles or press releases regarding their website. This gives your website some valuable publicity and let people know what you are all about. In distributing press releases and other articles about your website, it is essential that you give them to media which are related to your website’s nature so that you are able to target the people who may be interested in visiting your website thus increasing your traffic faster. This method is known to be the best and most effective way to increase traffic; you may also opt to compliment this by taking advantage of online video streaming websites in order to give your website more publicity. Create a video regarding the nature of your website then distribute them over these video streaming websites. Most of these sites are free so again, you get free publicity. Last, there are free online publications wherein you could place your website.

The online business industry has been estimated to be worth over 600 billion dollars annually, as a result more and more people have entered this business venture in hopes of making it big in the internet. What makes this more appealing is the fact that you will earn in the comfort of your own home. If you are strongly considering this business venture, it is important to learn and practice these methods of increasing your website traffic so you, like a lot of other people, can find success in the world of cyberspace.

Increasing Web Traffic Through SEO For Small Online Business

The minute you decipher the strategies of increasing web traffic, your online business will definitely move to the next level. The main target of all online business people is to attract visitors to their sites. With good traffic you are sure to make money online. This article will seek to share valuable content to assist your small business turn big.

The best strategy of increasing web traffic is through search engines. Though you can allocate some funds towards search engine optimization (SEO), you can succeed in the same without investing a single dime. Before, one needed to be an expert to succeed in SEO but today anyone keen to learn the tricks can easy rank high.

All you need to identify are the queries that people in your niche use to browse the internet. Engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing Crawl websites searching for relevant content to their internet users’ queries. Therefore, the content you generate for your seemingly small business should be optimized. With a few changes you too can rank high and thus increase web traffic to your website.

As you work on your visible content, make sure your hidden content is also optimized. By this I mean your HTML tags. Ensure your “META” elements content are well optimized with relevant keywords. Since search engines cannot read images, the images on your site should also be identified with alternate tags.

It is good at this point to remember that Google, Yahoo and Bing all use different tactics to rank sites. For example Google takes into account the use of keywords in your “description” META tags while other engines concentrate on “keywords” META tags or both. Therefore, when choosing keywords, ensure that they are common in your market niche and not so competitive. This will make it easy for your website to be found on engines first result pages thus increasing web traffic.

Important to note in addition to getting a high page ranking is the need to build rich content that ensure reader retention. Follow the links below to learn more on free online marketing ideas hence increase web traffic.

Website Traffic – Boost Your Online Business Web Traffic and Its Free

For new entrepreneurs starting an online business, it is essential to find methods of generating web traffic that are cheap and effective. Most small online business entrepreneurs do not have the luxury of high capital, meaning that the little money that is available to the online business needs to be spent carefully. It can be disastrous to spend money on methods that do nothing to generate traffic to the website.

It is important for any online business that wishes to make money to have a customer base that is capable of bringing in the stipulated profits. This can only be achieved by having a website that is effective in bringing in clients as well as potential clients, and keep these clients satisfied and interested in your business. There are however only a few ways to do this for free.

One of the ways to generate free web traffic is by taking advantage of social networking sites. Such sites as Facebook and Twitter are highly popular around the world, and offer a unique opportunity to advertise your online business for free. One can do this by forming a group on any of the networking sites for people interested in your products or services.

Another way to make money and generate free traffic to your website is by blogging. Blogging is free, and can be an effective tool in creating awareness for the products and services that are on offer. By using a friendly tone, one can create a personal relationship with potential clients, and create a reliable customer base for the online business.

For a blog to be successful however there is need for useful content that will be popular with potential clients. The information on the blog needs to be accurate and useful, for it to serve any purpose for your online business, and enable you to continue to make money. This will also help in the indexing of your blog, such that it will be highly accessible to Internet users.

Another method for generating free traffic for an online business to make money is by posting information in the form of articles or reports. There are many popular websites that allow for posting of such information for free, and can help your business be highly visible on the Internet and make money. One needs to find out which websites are popular with surfers before taking this step.

Lastly, posting links to your website on a blog or online article is another method that encourages web traffic for free. This method can help your business make money, as readers curious about the article can click on the link to find out the products that are on offer. This is a great way to target potential clients to take interest in the online business.

Although there are only a few ways to generate free website traffic, these methods are highly effective. They are simple tools that can help you make money online, and continue to enjoy a significant share of the online market.

Legitimate Home Business Marketing – Increase Website Traffic with Forum Marketing

SO, you created your website for whatever purpose, to sell a product or service, to show off your photographic genius… whatever its YOUR pride and joy!! But you have no visitors to see your wonders in design or your legitimate home business opportunities?

The VERY FIRST STEP in driving traffic to your website is through what is commonly referred to as Online Forum Marketing. Online Forums are very interactive web pages that allow you as a registered user to read, interact and participate in discussions about a certain topic of interest. You would do everything you can to participate in as many discussions as you can about your favorite topic, wouldn’t you?

The reason is because with these ‘discussion groups’, you realize that this is your opportunity to learn as much as you can from these people in the shortest amount of time! and more importantly, you can establish your credibility as an authority on your chosen topic!

Forum Etiquette – Every forum has its own set of rules. It is your duty as a member to find out what is acceptable and what is not. This can include how to set up your signature. Do they allow links? If so how many? How long can your signature be? Some forums do not allow you to post links that are of certain type of nature. This can include links to adult sites, gambling sites or even affiliate links. What is the general subject matter of the forum? If using a Homeworker Ideas forum for instance, don’t post things that are off topic unless they have a specific thread for that. There are forums that do not allow discussions of a political nature or discussion of religious topics. Even others discourage talking about specific products and companies.

The bottom line is that each forum is different and if you are to be an outstanding member, you have to play by the rules. If you don’t, you might get slapped and even publicly humiliated. That doesn’t amount to good marketing.

In conclusion, the best way to market yourself in a forum is to not really market yourself at all but rather to be a consistent member that contributes quality and substance to the community. When your motive is to help others, contribute good content and become an integral part of a community, you end up marketing yourself without even trying.

When you start participating in various forums, you will notice the various Signature Boxes on the bottom of the majority of the comments posted by forum members. You will also notice that after you read a member posting that intrigues you, you will find yourself clicking on the link of that particular member’s signature.

Just like that, you just created a click through to that particular member’s website!

When you simply register for your first online forum, the VERY FIRST THING you should do is create your ‘Signature’. As mentioned in the section above, a Signature is basically what is used at the end of email messages to give your recipient that ‘feeling of credibility’ about you. However the SAME THING could be accomplished by adding that signature at the end of EVERY SINGLE ONE of your forum posts.

This is one of MANY times you are going to hear me teach you about the importance of your CREDIBILITY when marketing your product or service online.

Your first major accomplishment as an Internet Marketer is to first ESTABLISH your credibility. As you are well aware, the Internet is enormous – and being able to establish even a small amount of credibility is a major achievement, and COMPLETELY doable! Do everything you can to use Online Forums as your first step in establishing your online credibility! Why not, it’s free! Warning!

Forums are VERY interactive in nature, with back-and-forth replying from just ONE particular post lasting for weeks and months at a time! You should post as frequently as possible: 2-3 times a week in as many as 5 different forums.

Try not to spend a tremendous amount of time on the forums. Just simply log in, locate your prior posts to check out any possible responses, respond if necessary, then go ahead submit your NEW POST, maybe read a few other members’ posts, then LOG OUT!

Forums could be VERY ADDICTIVE if you let them effect you in that way. Millions of other forum members around the world find themselves investing TOO MUCH TIME in forums. So don’t forget the reason why you are a forum member – that is to learn as much as you can, and DRIVE TARGETED TRAFFIC to YOUR WEBSITE! Another reason why you want to be careful in forums is because, depending on the forum, it may be a case of the blind leading the blind. You will notice that the MOST SUCCESSFUL internet marketers may not even exist in the forums anymore because of this.

Just to remind you, When you are just starting your internet marketing career, establishing your positive professional credibility is your first and main concern. Forums are one of the most PERFECT places to accomplish this goal. However, as your credibility starts to rise and you start to brand yourself, you may make the decision whether or not you still want to invest your valuable time in the forums. This is completely up to you and your business.

Your Action Step for driving massive amounts of targeted traffic to your website using Forum Marketing TODAY! Simply sign up and register for as many RELEVANT forums as you can, insert your Signature Box, and publish your first posts! Don’t hesitate to involve yourself with 3-5 separate forums – of course the more the merrier! The first step is to modify your profile to include your Signature Box. When you create your first post, make sure you can ‘preview’ your post to make sure your Signature Box appears. Don’t forget to make sure your website link is WORKING, then post away my friend!

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