Female Entrepreneurs – Stop Negotiating Your True Value!

As conscious entrepreneurs, we artistically combine our expertise with a focus on service to humankind. In an attempt to “help” our clients, we can find ourselves in the position of negotiating our prices.

Let me ask you: How many $10K business events can you afford to attend right now? If you say, “None,” you’d be joining with the majority of entrepreneurs in the same position.

Do you think the speaker at one of these events is concerned that you cannot afford it? Nope. Enough can, and will pay the admittance fee because the content promised is worth every penny… and probably more.

Is your financial situation the concern of the speaker? Nope.

Should s/he even care that you perceive you’re being excluded? Nope.

There are tons of experiences you may not be able to afford. That’s simply not anyone else’s concern. And it shouldn’t be.

Let’s look at this from another angle: It’s very likely your products or services are not accessible to a portion of the worldwide population. Should you make special accommodations so they are accessible to everyone? Nope. Why not? Because that’s probably not the reason you started your business.

The bottom line is: You’re in business to make money.

When we provide a cost quote and our client says, “I just cannot afford it,” the natural thing to do – especially as female entrepreneurs – is respond by making accommodations. We reduce our prices, throw in additional hours or products, or offer payment options.

If we are willing to sell off and negotiate rates, we’re essentially saying,

“My (products or) services are worth the value YOU place on them.” Yikes and holy, moly. You will be back into corporate chaos in no time if that’s how you truly approach business.

I heard it said recently that negotiating does two things:

  1. It reinforces my lack consciousness
  2. It reinforces my clients’ lack consciousness

Whew! That’s harsh. Take a deep breath and read it again. If you see yourself in this discussion, it’s never too late to begin honoring your value.

Let’s explore each of these points.

How does negotiating reinforce my lack consciousness?

Entering into negotiations is an activity that places you in a disempowered position. It leaves you explaining your rates. It forces you to invest precious time for which you will not be able to bill. It dishonors the thousands of hours you’ve invested in becoming a professional who has a valuable service to offer.

When it comes to your value and your business, the last place you want to find yourself is tied up in the trunk! That’s where negotiating leaves you. Instead you need to be in the driver’s seat.

Lack consciousness is the perpetual lie you tell yourself with your words, thoughts and actions. It is you telling you – in the most subtle and damaging way – somehow you don’t deserve the rates you charge because you’re just not worth it.

Who determines our worth?

We do.

Before you sigh in resignation and think we have to delve into your childhood to find the answers of why you’re where you are in life and think the way you do, relax. We don’t have to dredge up anything. We are going to start right here, right now.

I’m going to share something with you that contains the secret to unlocking a completely new approach… one that leaves you newly empowered and clear on the FACT that you are worth every bit of your fee. As soon as you encompass this, I want you to expand this concept and double your rates!


Yes, that’s why we’re here… to continually push the edge of self-comfort and familiarity to explore what lies beyond.

The secret? It’s so simple. Every time you find yourself hesitating when someone asks you your rates, wanting to make special accommodations because your client “cannot afford it,” or beginning to think of ways to make it work for your client, say aloud: “I destroy and uncreate everything I believe I was and am. I destroy and uncreate myself today.” How does this set you on a new path of declaring your worth?

Tell me yourself after you’ve said this AT LEAST twice daily (upon waking and upon retiring, and as circumstances arise during the day) for a mere 30 days.

You will not be the same person. You will sit up straighter. Your voice will not falter when you speak truth to your value in the form of your rates. You will be deeply empathetic when fellow entrepreneurs express their woes in not being able to afford you, but still, your rates stand as-is. Doesn’t that sound profoundly freeing and powerful? Isn’t it worth a try?

(A natural question surfaces: “When I destroy and uncreate, with what do I full the vacuum?” Answer: Nothing. Spiritually speaking, you cannot destroy or uncreate the truest essence of you, so you don’t have to worry about undoing and end up as nothing. This exercise can only deliver a more aligned version of you; a version that knows innately you’re worth even more than you’re currently charging! And when you’re ready, you”ll increase your rates yet again to match the ever-growing confidence to be compensated based on a value YOU assign.)

How does negotiating reinforce my clients’ lack consciousness?

As business owners, we are (hopefully) modeling good business practices. With our words, thoughts and actions, we must convey resolute confidence in our talents.. and service rates.

If I negotiate my rates, I enable, or reinforce, my clients’ false beliefs (that they cannot manifest adequate funds to hire me, as an example)… beliefs I don’t even hold to be true. I become the last link in a very long chain of life experiences that reinforces their “truths” – beliefs founded in limitation (the inability to manifest funds to pay for professional services).

I do them no favors by engaging or entertaining this notion. It is the essence of a co-dependent collaboration and in the words of one friend, “You will only see asses and elbows!” (Interpretation: I will run away as fast as I can from this scenario.)

There are plenty of writers who will negotiate rates. I’m not one of them. I know my value and it is my intent to show you yours.

Our clients need to know we are 100% confident in the value of our contribution to their success.

You see,

our confidence and silent resolve instills a level of confidence in our clients Perceived value is everything. If you are sure about your rates, it makes clients think, “Wow, Charlon must be really good if she charges $495 for an hour-long consultation. One way or another, I must find a way to work with her!”

Now, no single negotiation is inherently catastrophic to our businesses. But, over time these actions serve to erode our sense of self-value. Don’t even set this pattern in motion!

As appropriate and inspired, we can occasionally barter, negotiate or even donate our time, but these practices cannot be the foundation of our business.

How do you maintain a sense of service to others AND a commitment to maintaining the value of your time?

Begin today. If this is an issue with which you struggle, it’s simply an unexercised muscle. The Marines have a saying, “Pain is weakness leaving the body.” There’s no need to be pained any longer by the subtle and ever-eroding impact of negotiating. You will never grow a solid business on a weak foundation of changing the rules every time a client cannot afford you.

If you’re willing to trade your vast and precious life knowledge as if it has no value, it won’t… for you or anyone else. Remember: We teach people how to treat us.

How do you respond when clients cannot afford your rates or want to negotiate?

The answer is obvious and simple. Without saying, “No,” you plant seeds of thought and leave the future client (I’m being highly optimistic here!) with several options. Here are sample responses to give you some ideas:

  1. “My clients benefit from expert copywriting in too many ways to count. I know when you have the funds, you’ll make this a priority. Based on the experience of former clients, professional copywriting dramatically increases exposure and sales. In the mean time, here are some referrals to learn more about copywriting so when we begin working together, you’ll already have insider knowledge of the process.”
  2. “I completely understand the challenges of delegating funds for copywriting. When I started my first company, I did everything myself. I thought I had to learn and know how to do it all and that left me frustrated and exhausted. It was such a key to learn to delegate tasks to professionals. When I did that, I noticed a huge energy boost and increased profits! I see so much potential in your vision and would love to help you with expert copywriting when the time is right. Until then, feel free to download my free report, Exclusively For Entrepreneurs: Expert Copywriter Reveals Easy 9-Facet Formula to Proof-Perfect Copy… Every Time”
  3. “When you hire me, my efforts are laser-focused on achieving measurable results. If I negotiate rates, I would be doing a disservice to myself and those entrepreneurs who know the value of a wise business investment… like professional copywriting. I would love to work with you based on the original proposal amount emailed to you.”

As you can see, the details of this topic are manageable 100 different ways. The bottom line is: Stop negotiating. Your personal and professional values are at stake! Treat them as the treasures they are.

Is It True That Day Care Changes the Way Toddlers Develop?

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Web Development Tools and Resources for 2018

A lot these web development tools below are ones we use at on a daily basis. We can’t include everything, but here are a couple of our favorites and other widely used ones. Hopefully, you find a new tool or resource that will aid you in your development workflow. Note: The tools and resources below are listed in no particular order.

JavaScript Libraries

Javascript is one of the most popular programming languages on the web. A Javascript library is a library of pre-written Javascript which allows easier access throughout the development of your website or application. For example, you can include a copy of Google’s hosted jQuery library by using the following snippet.

 jQuery: A fast, small, and feature-rich JavaScript library.

 BackBoneJS: Give your JS app some backbone with models, views, collections, & events.

 D3.js: A JavaScript library for manipulating documents based on data.

 React: Facebook’s Javascript library developed for building user interfaces.

 jQuery UI: A curated set of user interface interactions, effects, widgets, and themes.

 jQuery Mobile: HTML5-based user interface system designed to make responsive web sites.

 Underscore.js: Functional programming helpers without extending any built-in objects.

 Moment.js: Parse, validate, manipulate, and display dates in JavaScript.

 Lodash: A modern utility library delivering modularity, performance, & extras.

The True Meaning of the Word Freedom

Freedom is a very powerful word. Webster’s dictionary defines freedom in many different ways, but this is the one that really stuck out to me. Freedom is the state of being free – liberated from slavery, restraint or the power of another. When I read this definition, the Bible verse Acts 12:7 ran through my mind– And, behold, the angel of the Lord came upon him, and a light shined in the prison: and he smote Peter on the side, and raised him up, saying, Arise up quickly. And his chains fell off from his hands. Can you imagine the delight in Peter’s heart as those chains released his hands and he was no longer in captivity?

You too have the opportunity to escape captivity and live in freedom for the rest of your life. Can you imagine actually being free financially, spiritually, socially, emotionally and physically? For most people that seems completely unrealistic, but I’m here to tell you it can be your reality. Remember, inside the word impossible is possible. It is possible for you to have freedom in every area of your life!

In the United States, we observe Independence Day on the fourth of July. There are fireworks exploding in the air across America in celebration of our freedom, which was made possible by the signing of the Declaration of Independence in 1776. When that document was signed, it was “declared” that America was free. Let me ask you a question. When will you declare your independence? When will you declare your freedom? Before you can achieve it, you must believe it so say it out loud now… I DECLARE THAT I AM FREE IN EVERY AREA OF MY LIFE! THE SHACKLES ARE GONE! I AM FREE!

After you declare that you are free, you need to understand exactly what freedom is to you. If you don’t know what it is, then how are you going to achieve it? What is freedom to you? I’m going to break down each letter of the word F-R-E-E-D-O-M, and I want you to visualize what it really means to you.

The first letter in the word freedom is ‘F’, which stands for focus. Are you focused on being free in every area of your life? If not, then you need to shift your focus and become focused on your freedom. Most people don’t become truly free in their lives, because they are comfortable or simply aren’t courageous enough to stretch themselves beyond their current life boundaries. Take advantage of getting uncomfortable and stretching yourself, because to be free you have to do things differently than most people.

Just imagine standing inside of an average size circle every single day. Your current job, friends, habits and overall way of life are also in the circle. Can you feel it getting tight? Don’t you have the urge to step outside the circle? Now, imagine extending your foot, stepping outside of the circle and feeling an ultimate sense of relief. You have room to move and make decisions that you couldn’t make inside that circle. Sadly, you will never get to leave that circle because it’s the limit that you’ve placed on your life unless you make the decision get focused on your freedom and stretch yourself outside of your comfort zone.

Whatever you focus on everyday will determine whether or not you achieve freedom in your life. One of the main objectives that you should focus on is taking advantage of every single minute in your day. If you are scheduled and plan your day, then you are forging forward towards freedom. On the other hand, if you lay in bed at night, reflect back on your day and have no idea what you did all day long, then you are allowing time to take advantage of you. I often hear people say, “I have no idea where the time went.” It’s one of those moments when I have to bite my tongue, because I want to tell that person that they are wasting their time instead of investing it.

Time is our biggest form of currency so we must spend it wisely. If you focus on freedom and invest your time wisely, then you are one day closer to being free instead of remaining entrapped. While working with one of my coaching students, I asked her to show me her planner. I wanted to know where she was investing her time, because she was stuck in a rut. Surprisingly, she had every single minute of her day scheduled. This woman knew where she was every minute of the day and led an extremely busy lifestyle. However, I looked closer at the actual activity and saw the issue. I explained to her that just because she was active didn’t mean that she was productive. She filled her day with meaningless tasks that created activity instead of accomplishment. Just because your calendar is full doesn’t mean that you are investing your time wisely. I encourage you to sit down and take a good look at where you’re spending your time and how some of those insignificant, waste of time activities are pushing you further away from your freedom.

Another determining factor in whether or not you become free is what you actually look at on a daily basis. I love to take photos with other champions at events and have built a Why wall in my office in South Florida. This wall is filled with not only pictures but also letters, art, cards and many more positive, inspirational things that I have received from people all over the world. In my home office or as I prefer to call it my “construction zone”, I have pictures of my own dreams and goals. I focus on these things every day as I sit in my construction zone and build my business. No matter the obstacle that I encounter, I’m constantly reminded of my Why in life, because I see it in front of me.

What are you looking at? If your answer to that question is “nothing”, then that’s exactly what you are doing to achieve freedom in your life…NOTHING. In my favorite book, The Bible, it states that a man without a vision will perish. Another way of saying it is that a person without focus in pursuit of his dream will fail. I cringe when see someone reading those garbage books and magazines that highlight all the gloom and doom in the world. Can you really expect to achieve freedom in your life if you are focusing your mind and eyes on that trash? I challenge you to throw out the garbage and start reading positive, inspirational material. You can also take it a step further and hang some pictures of your dreams and goals in your construction zone. You won’t believe how quickly your results will skyrocket when your focus is shifted!

If you’re saying, “That sounds easy. All I have to do is organize my planner and hang a few pictures then I will be focused on achieving freedom in my life.” YOU ARE WRONG! It’s not a one step process. It’s daily focus in every area of your life. When I say that you have to be focused, I don’t mean that you just simply think about freedom sometime during the day. You need to be focused like a sniper with a laser pointed at his target…laser-focused! If you let anything or anyone distract you, then your target (freedom) will no longer be in sight.

Arbonne Bankruptcy Business Review – Is it Really True?

The news is swimming with information about the MLM company Arbonne. Arbonne is a skin care and cosmetics company, and they filed for bankruptcy a few days ago. According to mlmblog.net the company was more than $800 million in debt, and distributors were still telling prospects that the company was debt free! Also according to mlmblog.net the company plans to borrow up to $20 million to fund operations during its bankruptcy, known as a debtor-in-possession loan. Now as we know there are many MLM companies out there that are in my opinion not doing so well because the down line is not able to duplicate there up line. This causes a disaster. The MLM business structure used to be a good one but in my opinion after the Arbonne bankruptcy, and other stories I have read about. The MLM structure is not the way to go anymore for many people. If you are serious about finding another company that is not MLM or Network Marketing then here are 3 tips to help you in your search.

Some Tips Tactics and Strategies to Get out Of the Arbonne Bankruptcy mess.

  1. Look for MLM free companies – Another words look for companies that aren’t MLM. Companies that really teach you the different ways to go on the internet, and bring traffic to your website.
  2. Look for companies that are truly debt free – You can find this out by doing some searching around on Google using the name of the company you’re looking at.
  3. And make sure the company is not going anywhere – Research and make sure you are picking a company that isn’t going to be gone tomorrow. A good tip is to call a few people who are already involved with the company you looking at, and asks them there opinion.

For Further review on different opportunities

You can check us out on our website which is listed below for more information, but in my opinion the Arbonne bankruptcy is a tragic ordeal for there company, as it would be for any company. And is even worse now that it’s all over the net, but for those of you who have been with the Arbonne company for a long time now. I really wish you much success in the future.

How To Make Easy Money on the Internet — But This Time It’s Actually TRUE!


On the World Wide Web, domain names are the equivalent of real estate. Owning a domain name lets you stake you claim to your piece of the Internet. For several years, many people from all over the world have been making a good living from the comfort of their own home through the power of domain names. Many domain names have sold for thousands of dollars, and some have sold for hundreds of thousands or even millions. For example, one of the names I registered recently was appraised at a value of $6,000!

Contrary to popular belief, the “dot com crash” has not spoiled the domain name market. There is still a very strong demand for quality domain names. The biggest sales have all come in recent years, as the market continues to grow. Selling names remains one of the easiest and least expensive internet businesses available. It requires a minimum of time and little or no initial investment. It is an ethical, no-nonsense business which avoids the most common pitfalls of other work-at-home ideas.

There are a lot of technical details about how domain names work, but it is not necessary to know these details in order to profit from the names. There are many kinds of domain names, but for the purpose of making money, only “Top Level Domains” (TLDs) are important. The best TLD extensions for making money are listed here:

  • .com
  • .net
  • .org
  • .biz
  • .info

Making money with domain names can be one of the easiest businesses around. There are really only four steps involved:

  1. Search for names.
  2. Register the names.
  3. Sell the names.
  4. Collect easy money!

Let’s go through each step in more detail…

Step 1: Search for names.

The first step in making money with domain names is to search for available names. Your goal is to find high-quality names that have not yet been registered. This is not as difficult as some people may lead you to believe. I do it all the time, and so can you. There are still plenty of valuable, high-quality names available for the taking.

To search for names, you need to use a domain name registrar. At my site, Domain Doctors, we offer a availability check and registration service. On any other registrar’s website, you should see a similar search box that allows you to type in a name and find out if it is still available. Doing this is as simple as typing in the name you want to search for and clicking a button. You will see the results of your search in a few seconds. Checking for availability is completely free.

When you are looking for names to register and re-sell, there are a few simple guidelines to keep in mind:

  1. Shorter is almost always better. The fewer letters a name contains, the more valuable it is likely to be.
  2. Similarly, the less words the better.
  3. You want to pick names that target markets which are both large and specific.
  4. Stay away from hyphens, dashes, numbers that replace words, intentional misspellings, and all other gimmicks.
  5. Don’t try to be too clever, and don’t try to “invent companies by registering names.”
  6. Finally, watch out for trademarks. Don’t register names that infringe on the trademarks of established companies.

If you are having trouble thinking of names to re-sell, Domain Doctors offers an inexpensive suggestion service. We guarantee that every name we suggest will appraise for at least ten times what you pay us, or you get your money back. I do not know of any similar services available elsewhere, although you can always use Google to research other options to help you find good names.

Step 2: Register your names.

After you have some names you think will be valuable, the next step is to register them. Most names will cost you $15-35 each to register. You may find a few places that offer registration for less, but you should keep in mind that as with anything in life, you get what you pay for. Domain Doctors registers names for $19.95. Other reputable services should be in a similar price range.

Step 3: Sell the names.

Once you’ve registered your names, you can list them for sale immediately. There are two ways to do this — through listing sites and through brokers.

If you want a faster sale, go through a broker. Because they make money from the sale, brokers will list your name, promote it, and attempt to get you the best possible price. In exchange for those services, they will deduct a percentage of the sale price when the transaction is complete. 10% is a typical broker’s fee.

If you are willing to potentially wait a bit longer for a sale in order to avoid paying a broker’s commission, you can list you names for sale at a listing site. To find brokers and listing sites, you can type “selling domain names” into Google, or you can find them at the Domain Doctors site.

Step 4: Collect easy money!

After a name sells through a broker, you get paid the sale price minus the broker’s fee. If it is a private sale through a non-broker listing, you get whatever price you and the buyer agree on. Unless you invested in a huge number of names, a single sale could easily repay all of your initial costs and leave you some money besides. If you like, you can use part of this money to register more names, and keep building your business this way.

Taking Action:

You should now have everything you need to get started. As you make progress and do more research, you will learn many tips and tricks to increase your success, but the most important action step for newbies is to jump in and get some good names listed for sale as soon as you can. Again, be sensible and don’t spend a fortune on registering names before you get some experience, but do get a few names on your plate as soon as you can and use them to learn the ropes.

I think you’ll find that speculating on domain names is a fun and rewarding business. It is not a get-rich quick scheme, but with a good eye for names, you can make a comfortable income without leaving home. Remember, if you like the idea of the business but you aren’t sure you have an eye for names, Domain Doctors can help.

We guarantee that every name we suggest will appraise for at least ten times what you pay us, or you get your money back. We also offer domain name registration and appraisal services. A version of this article with a lot of additional tips and informative content is available at our website, through the link below.

Best of luck, and please do drop me a line if you make a good sale or get a name listed for a good asking price!


Indian Startup Scenario – India Towards Its True Potential

India ranks among the top five countries in the world in terms of the number of startups founded. India has made tremendous growth towards the creation of innovative startups and has emerged as the 3rd fastest growing hub for technology startups in the world.

Introduction of initiatives like GST and Make In India have given a momentum to the startup economy. Indian Start-ups are moving on the upper line and are expected to increase in size and number in the coming year. It is measured that India houses around 4,200 start-ups, creating more than 85,000 employment opportunities. With over $5 billion worth of investment in 2015 and three to four startups emerging every day, it is projected that the number of startups in India will increase to more than 11,500 by 2020, with job creation from these entrepreneurs reaching 250-300k. The number of Investors has also risen multi-fold in the past few years.

Recent Developments

Indian startups have undergone many developments in the second quarter of 2017. From being selected in the Google’s accelerator program, to raising funds from the Chinese investors, the startup ecosystem has been quite encouraging. Google selected six Indian startups for the accelerator program in July 2017. Startups using latest technologies such as machine learning and artificial intelligence have been chosen for the same.


Despite such promising statistics, only 9% of the Start-Ups have female founders/co-founders. Delhi NCR, Bangalore, and Mumbai, along with Hyderabad, Pune and Chennai account for more than 90% of the Start-Ups in India. The focus is largely limited to information technology-enabled products and services including e-commerce, aggregators, analytics, health-tech and online payments. Amongst all this, the product start-up sector has been largely ignored. A big factor behind India’s growth is software enabled firms such as Flipkart and Ola. Rarely do hardware product companies bring about such success. The reason for this can be attributed to the lack of funds. India’s ecosystem clearly does not have any scarcity in terms of capital. However, only a very small amount of this capital reaches these startups. Additionally, startups in India spend five times the amount of effort to raise funds as compared to US startups.

This is where the Government intervention is required. Through the provision of alternate sources of funding and through a partnership between the Industry and Academia, the government can facilitate and accelerate the growth rate. Alternate debt financing instruments will help Start-Ups and other small enterprises to overcome the problem of lack of adequate collateral, limited cash-flow and the high risk involved. While direct support of start-ups and the right kinds of skills to start & run a business are important, the ease of doing business in the country also matters a great deal. This includes ease of starting a business, obtaining relevant permits, accessing credit, paying taxes, etc. The Labour laws in India are out-dated as well. Thus, appropriate government policies are required to make the Indian Start-Up Ecosystem reach its true potential.

However, Government and international organizations are investing in innovative ideas. Monetary and infrastructure support is accelerated. Start-ups are also making good use of the facilities available and are showing a sign of good times. This can certainly not be dismissed as a passing trend and it’s surely going to change the way the markets are working today in India. Government initiatives are also expected to play a vital role in the startup ecosystem’s bright future. For instance, the commerce and industry department of the Indian Government is planning to organize a south Asia regions’ meet of startups for exchanging new ideas and increasing interaction among them, thereby showing confidence in startups.

Thus, the scenario in the last quarter suggests that the investors’ interest towards funding the India startups remains strong. Next quarter is likely to be more attractive owing to the economic reforms and their implementation. Startups are now focusing on cutting losses, increase their overall valuation and attain operational excellence. These qualities along with the positive sentiments of the investors and support from the government can make the startup ecosystem of India reach new heights in the near future.

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