Viral Marketing in the New Millennium

Have you noticed there are more and more widgets, gadgets and other technologies being marketed today than ever and we’re all eating it up? We have to have the latest and greatest. What’s with that? Are we just not connected enough? Everything being developed is faster and it’s supposed to save us time when in fact, we’re busier than ever!

With the increasingly popular sites like MySpace, YouTube, flickr, Facebook etc. it’s no wonder the world is getting smaller. Viral marketing on the Internet is becoming increasingly popular because it targets young consumers who are turning away from the normal channels of advertising. Even Time Magazine voted “YOU” as the person of the year.

Recently Bill Gates said “the next 10 years will bring “extraordinary” changes to the world. The digital revolution is proceeding to change the way we live and work”. It has already started with telephone networks disappearing and becoming an application of the Internet. For example, VOIP or voice over internet protocol has become popular and increasingly new technologies are emerging.

Technology companies are competing to find the fastest and most effective way for people to communicate. Everyone is after a piece of the pie.

For the past five years, VM Direct and it’s helloWorld products have launched their video products on a single web-based platform, including emailing, blogging, podcasting, social networking, live broadcasting, subscription to RSS feed, posting music, photos and more! Imagine! a one stop shop for all your needs! It does not get better than that!

Whether you’re marketing yourself, your business or sharing of information with family, there is never a better way to do it other than face to face communication. This is why video streaming has become so popular and cost effective.

Keep in mind what your point is, how and who do you want to communicate with in the most effective way? Remember, we all learn and understand differently. Interesting facts:

People remember:

10% of what they read

20% of what they hear

30% of what they see

50% of what they see and hear together.

And 80% of what they see, hear and do.

55% of a message meaning is derived from facial expression; 38% of a message meaning is derived from gestures, body language etc. (source: Dr. Mehrablans, Author of the most widely referenced study of Communications)

Start thinking outside the box and start using the technologies available today to increase your business by using face to face technology.

Traffic Generation Beginner Guide # 3 – How to Use Viral Marketing to Generate More Website Traffic

Viral marketing is a marketing strategy that spreads like a virus to get website traffic. It works by asking a current subscriber to pass on your information to another person. Because it works based on the willingness of people, it goes straight to the inbox of potential buyers and not to the trash or spam folder. If you run an online business and you have not yet tried the power of viral marketing, this article will help to guide you in increasing traffic to your site by taking advantage of the power provided by internet promotion.


Providing incentives are one of the greatest motivating factors for a client to forward your ideas to a friend. By receiving incentives, a buyer will guide other potential customers to you and thereby increasing traffic to your site. Incentives may come in the form of discounts or bonuses, free subscription to newsletters, e-books, or free article reprinting or publishing. With these freebies in mind, your visitors will want to help increase your email list and spread your news like a virus.


Even with the best incentives, your visitors will not risk their reputation by referring useless information. Because people are innately social, they will want to refer information that is highly substantial, relevant and attractive to their email list. Since after all, they act like an endorser by putting their credibility on the line. If you want to guide traffic to your site, you need to create a marketing plan that is compelling and worth sharing. If your plan makes noise or creates a buzz, your idea will spread quickly like gossip in the internet world. The commotion you produce will guide online searchers to your website and generate huge traffic for you.

Publish in Blogs and Social Networks

Blogs and social networks are the lifelines for the interacting online community. By posting your ads in these sites, you can be certain that traffic will go straight to your website. Interacting with people is contagious especially if you have established a brand to your name. Once you make yourself an authority in the field, visitors will be coming to you and you guide others as well to increase your traffic.

Viral marketing employs the idea of spreading word of mouth marketing of your products or services. Like a real virus, it creates noise in the online community and makes your product known. With the generation of more traffic, you then guide your clients through your site. If they land on a compelling website, your enormous traffic can easily turn into sales.

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