Creating Wealth by Gearing Up

Gearing is where you borrow money to invest. As already mentioned, it is best to clear all your debt before looking at investment. However, there will arise situations where the investment is a good one and it is necessary to borrow a small amount to make the deal work. The borrowing may be for property or shares.

Gearing allows you to increase your investment and potentially obtain a higher return. On the downside, however, if the investment does not pay off you stand to lose a lot more. Negative gearing comes about when the interest you are paying on your borrowing is greater than the income from your investment (for example, from a rental property). You can claim the loss or difference against your taxation and write it off as a deduction against other income.

Negative gearing is not necessarily the best investment strategy. Even though you get a tax break it is still costing you money. That is, you may be saving yourself 25 cents in the dollar, but you have to spend one dollar to achieve that.

People look at negative gearing because they calculate that they will be able to sell the investment for more than they bought it and in the meantime their losses are deductible off other income they earn. They conclude that the Commissioner of Inland Revenue is in reality helping them fund the growth of the value of their property.

If it can be avoided, don’t borrow against your home for investment. This applies particularly when the investment is speculative. Things do go wrong and you wouldn’t want to find yourself (and your family) out on the street without a roof over your head.

If you borrow money to invest, this is known as margin lending. The extra funds raised allow you to invest more, increasing the potential returns, compared to what you would get from your standard savings. It allows you to use other people’s money so you can get a significant increase in your wealth from a small deposit.

The negative side is when share prices fall below a level and a margin call is made. When this happens you will have 24 hours to respond in one of three ways. You have to come up with the cash, you have to sell assets, or you have to provide additional assets to top up the equity.

If you have a margin loan, make sure you fully understand the terms of your loan and also put in place survival strategies in case things don’t work out.

How to Create Wealth: Formula for Generating $10,000 Monthly

I used to think that learning how to create wealth to the tune of $10,000 monthly was unheard of. And then I recently listened to a webinar that spells out a formula that actually makes sense…

How to Create Wealth Step One: Getting a Clear Intention…

You need to have a clear intention of how much you want to create. For the purpose of demonstrating this formula, I’m using the figure of $10,000 monthly. It’s important to use daily visualization by imagining yourself at a future date, but thinking of it as present, being sure to pay attention to the feeling you have when you actually see this much income flowing into your bank account on a consistent basis.

How to Create Wealth Step Two: Determine your Outcome…

If you have no idea how much your income goal is, there is no way of attaining it. You can’t just move blindly in your business and “hope for the best”. You have to have a plan – strategy that will take you closer to your goal as you progress. And remember, it’s not necessarily just the outcome that makes a difference… it’s the journey…

“The major reason for setting a goal is for what it makes of you to accomplish it. What it makes of you will always be the far greater value than what you get.”

– Jim Rohn: American entrepreneur, author and motivational speaker

How to Create Wealth Step Three: Determining the Number of Sales you Need…

Take the monthly figure you desire and divide by 31 to get your daily expectation of creating wealth. In this example, $10,000 divided by 31 = a goal of $322.58 daily (we can round this up to $325).

Take this figure and work backwards to determine how to create wealth in your own business. For example, in my business, I know that statistics reveal that one out of every 40 people who watch the sales video will decide to buy on the spot.

Now, I also need to do a little research in my own business to figure my own upselling statistics. Why? Because this will give me concrete figures to move forward with. While the average person who decides to buy will generate me a $25 commission, I know that one of every three of these people will upgrade to the $100 monthly program, giving me a commission of $125 monthly. One in five of those people will elect the $500 product, and one in ten will buy the $997 product.

So to figure out average commissions, let’s work backwards from a 30-sale point. Thirty sales = ($25 x 30) + ($100 x 10) + ($500 x 6) + ($997 x 3), or $750 + $1000 + $3000 + $2991, or $7741 for 30 sales, divided by 30 = $258.03 each. Let’s round that to an average value of $258 commission for each sale.

Judging from this scenario, I would need 38.76 sales a month (or 1.25 sales daily) to equal a monthly income of $10,000, or a daily income of $325.

How to Create Wealth Step Four: Determining How to Get the Sales…

Judging from my own statistics, I know that one in every forty people who watch my video will decide to buy on the spot. So, to get 40 sales a month, I would need to find a way for 1600 people monthly (52 people daily) to watch my sales video. And how to I do that? Well, this brings us to step five for creating wealth…

How to Create Wealth Step Five: Determining Prospects…

The easy way, of course, is to simply buy leads. However, this is not always very cost effective, especially starting out. Some people pay as much as $5 a lead, depending on their marketing strategy, and this would cost $260 daily to get 52 leads!

While many people choose paid marketing strategies, I elect to use free marketing – blogging, article marketing and videos – to bring in my leads. Assuming you want to go this route as well, let’s determine how to get those 520 people daily to reading your blog posts and articles, and watching your videos. (520 visitors is based on my own 10% opt in percentage for my content to produce 52 leads.)

How to Create Wealth Step Six: Determining Lead Flow…

This is where keyword research comes in. You don’t want to waste your time blogging about stuff that nobody wants to read! You can determine the potential visitors to your site by accessing the free External Google Keyword Tool at ‘’ and click on the link “keyword research tool”.

Determine the number of people searching for your “keyword phrase” that you’ll be using throughout your content. For example, I know that the keyword phrase “how to create wealth” gets roughly 590 exact match searches monthly, or 19 searches a day. This knowledge tells me that if I can promote this content to rank on the first page of Google, I can expect about half of those people (10) to watch my video or reach my article or post, and 10% of those people (1) to become a prospect.

So in this scenario, this particular piece of content for the keyword phrase how to create wealth should yield me one lead daily. How do I get 52 leads daily? Simply put out more content for other keyword phrases – 52 pieces of content each yielding one lead a day will give me 52 leads, which generates 40 sales a month which equals an average of $10,000 monthly. Your future for creating wealth is now in your hands!

Grow Your Ability To Gain Wealth In Business

Right Motives For Business

We have all discovered that a compelling vision and highly functional mission statement will launch a successful business. Our motivation for performing business has many facets. As business owners, we desire to develop creative solutions to meet the needs of our specific market. That is a noble pursuit! We must also grasp the crucial concept that we need to make money, and lots of it, to grow a successful business.

Growing our ability to gain wealth in business is an extremely noble facet of our driving motivation to succeed in business. Without cashflow, reserves, investments, profitability, resources, etc. our businesses can not function, not to mention, thrive, expand, multiply, or fulfill the needs of an escalating global market and population. In short, it is “good” for us to aim to make loads of money in business!

5 Principles For Gaining Wealth in Business

Business growth can be an elusive target for many entrepreneurs, especially if cash is lacking. Wealth creation proponents express the need for growth in two areas, the heart and the head. We need to believe that wealth is easy to possess and secondly, we need practical ideas, information and keys to corral money and herd it into our accounts.

The following principles address heart and head areas which dictate wealth creation in business.

1. Consistent Business Inspiration & Information

Entrepreneurial insight, management, team building, leadership, organizational systems, direction, etc. are common words mentioned in market place vocabulary. To expand our bottom line in business we must first expand our wealth vision and mentality. Readers are leader’s because they ingest knowledge at a rapid rate; as their business vocabulary is expanded so is their capacity for gaining wealth. Book reviews point us to the best books in the least possible time so we can have the right inspiration and information fast!

2. Consistent Business Success & Solutions

Success breeds confidence and a winning environment. A healthy business is a wealthy business. A healthy business growth environment will release owners, managers, and employees to produce creative answers and innovative solutions to accelerate growth further. Health promotes greater productivity and progress in a business. Simple, practical success ideas will ignite passion and provide tools for workers to create and build!

3. Consistent Business Money & Marketing

Understanding the sociological and psychological aspects of specific markets will connect products and services with customers and clients. Making money in business is governed by a simple formula: Serve the customer with what they want & your business gets what it wants! Consistent, up to date marketing reports will give advice and access to the hearts and heads of the communities our businesses serve, to increase transactions.

4. Consistent Business Questions & Answers

Millions of business professionals, globally, have experienced previously untold challenges and have success stories of how they overcame! As we find ourselves in the midst of unknown waters in various stages of business growth, wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a lifesaver throw us a lifeline of hope for a quick rescue. Entrepreneurial interviews answer our pressing questions as business leader’s give their experiential answers.

5. Consistent Business Potential & Opportunity

The greatest business solution for overcoming crisis is having an experienced mentor who thinks as we do and knows exactly how we can come through. I have seen that it is easier and quicker to learn from someone else’s mistakes than from our own. A mentor is like a coach of a prize fighter. They are in your corner of the ring watching, calculating, encouraging, challenging, refreshing and inspiring the fighter towards victory.

4 Important Tips on How to Create Wealth

Everyone wants to live and enjoy an abundant and fulfilling life. Well, there is no better time to build wealth than now. It is not for certain individuals but everyone can share in the wealth of the world. Wealth is not an event but it is created and accumulated over a period of time. This comprises of an abundant life, one that has got what you want in life. It includes health, peace, money, properties, joy, and all that you need in life.

The purpose of this article is to outline some tips that can help you start creating wealth for yourself and your loved ones.

1. Now is the time to create wealth.

Some people think when they are young or old they cannot accumulate some wealth. Those who are young say it is for the adults. Those who are old say it is now late to start accumulating wealth. The starting point is to start saving whatever amount of money you can. It does not have to be a big sum of money that you save. For example, $10.00 in 12 months gives $120.00. That is good money for someone who has less disposable income. You may calculate what you can save according to your affordability. So you do not have to wait.

2. Start your own business

Whether you have a full time job or not, you can start your own business. It can be an offline or online business. Off line, you can start retail, construction, consulting, and other many opportunities. When it comes to online businesses, there are also many ideas and opportunities. One of the opportunities online is affiliate marketing programs whereby you do not have to own your own products. Instead, you promote other people’s products or programs and earn huge commissions. You can create wealth from the commissions. It is advisable to have your own website to promote affiliate programs. After you have mastered affiliate products, you can go an extra mile and start developing your own products.

3. Choose an appropriate investment plan

After you have saved and accumulated some money from any source, you can choose other types of investments. You can invest lump sums or join monthly subscription plans, which will result in big money after a certain period of time. Avoid rushing for debts when you are in need of money. The money you pay to service debts on monthly basis should be money you are saving or investing. Wealth is yours, you deserve it, just tap into your inner being for ideas or just visit the internet to check for ideas that can suit your situation.

4. Enjoy your wealth

Remember that wealth is for enjoyment and helping those who are in need. As you create wealth, you should not struggle or suppress yourself. After you have accumulated it, enjoy it. Do not suffer having money. Live the life you want. Learn to balance up life. This includes the physical, spiritual, emotional, and intellectual aspects.

Follow the four outlined tips for creating wealth and you will have your share. Wealth is not for certain individuals, but for everyone. You have to start from somewhere, and you can have it. It is your right to have it. Start today and avoid postponing.

How to Create Wealth?

When you have born, you have nothing of that sort called wealth! You are born really very much bare! Similarly, when you go out of this world after your stay here, you take nothing with you! You are again very much bare! In between lies what is called life with full of necessities.

Born with silver spoon!

To meet the needs and wants of your life you should have sufficient resources called money and wealth. Some might have born with a silver spoon. They will have their fore father’s wealth just transmitted to them and always there at their disposal. Hereditary transmission of wealth and money to the youth could be the easiest way to create wealth. The next choice is getting wedded to a rich girl.

Bare foot shrewd entrepreneur:

But earning money for the livelihood and to create wealth for a family with out these starters is a difficult task for a bare footed entrepreneur. But a shrewd entrepreneur will make it possible and become successful to create wealth with certain assured principles.

To start with earning for a livelihood requires certain analysis about the entrepreneur.

Open Mind learns:

The entrepreneur should have an open mind to learn what is essential to start and establish a business needed by the people. He should have common sense towards invention and innovation to question his brain by bombardment so that it releases good ideas for the business. He must have well trained concentration in learning a skill and in execution process too.

He should either have a skill or master a skill matching the business need. He should be in a position to work and manage his people to work for production of the matching product or service.

Match skill more pointedly:

He should have a plan to do the business more pointedly to bring success initially. He must be in apposition to expand it further, to make it reach the people in more areas. He must be a specialist supplier of the unique service. He should plan for a multifold growth of the accepted service to the people.

Serve More Unit Quantities:

Let it be a chain of department stores, restaurants, fast food counters. The aim is to serve more people, more times, and then the volume will become huge to bring money and create wealth.

Division of labor-work sharing society:

He should divide the work and delegate the sub works to the desiring work sharing society. The target oriented approach towards ‘supply and demand’, will make things easier.

BPO and Quality control:

Business Process Outsourcing with quality management will help the entrepreneur to expand the business as desired. He can create wealth by converting the money earned so far in these businesses. He can reinvest or plough back or diverse in associated fields of his existing business.

Vision and Ambition:

The limit to create wealth lies with the vision, ambition and capability of the entrepreneur’s managerial groups. This depends mainly on the people outside and inside of the organization.

The entrepreneur who excels in performance and serves more people in a society will multiply his earning power to create wealth.

Wealth Creation – How Your Kids Can Make Money

Here are some nifty ideas showing how your kids can make money. They can do most or all of the work themselves, but may need a little help at times. Besides earning extra cash, these ideas can help your kids learn responsibility and a work ethic.

Types of work for teenagers — Some of the following items are typical teenager jobs you can get for yourself. You can advertise your services in the local newspaper or craigslist website. Other items are jobs you can do for business employers.

1. Applying decorations to clothing — Keep abreast of the latest teen fashions and then apply appropriate decorations to other people’s clothing for a fee.

2. Babysitting — This is a popular job for teenagers, especially girls.

3. Bagging groceries — Go around to the local grocery stores to get this kind of job.

4. Cleaning homes — Advertise this service to get work. The elderly and shut-ins could be a good source of jobs.

5. Collecting redeemable bottles — Some states charge a deposit on beverage containers. You can collect these and turn them in for a refund of the deposit.

6. Cultivating gardens — Many people enjoy having a garden, but they may not be willing or able to do the work required.

7. Delivering newspapers — This is a popular job for teenagers, especially boys.

8. Entertaining at parties — If you have a flair for entertaining people, you could advertise your services. Maybe you want to be a clown or an elf.

9. Grooming the elderly and shut-ins — Everyone likes to look their best, but may not be able to take care of themselves.

10. Growing vegetables — You can raise vegetables and sell them to local grocery stores or fruit stands.

11. Mending clothing — Active children often rip their clothes or lose buttons. You can advertise this service and make some good money.

12. Mowing lawns — This is a popular job for teenagers, especially boys. You can make more money if you have your own lawnmower. Just walk around the neighborhood looking for jobs during the grass-growing season.

13. Picking fruit — This is a seasonal job performed for orchard owners. The faster you can pick fruit (with care) the more money you can make.

14. Providing a referral service for babysitters — You can ask around for qualified babysitters and store their contact information on your home computer. Charge the babysitter a fee when you refer them to the people needing their services.

15. Providing a typing service — If you have a home computer with a laser printer and word processing software, you can provide a typing service for students and small business firms. (Be sure to run the spell checker and grammar checker before printing your work.)

16. Providing an online research service — If you like to do online research, you can sell your services to authors, small business firms, students, and websites.

17. Pulling weeds – This can be a good way to make some money, but be sure to wear work gloves.

18. Raking leaves — When the leaves start to fall someone has to rake them into piles and/or place them in leaf bags.

19. Refinishing and/or repairing furniture — You can advertise to haul away old furniture for nothing. After repairing and refinishing the furniture, sell them at a flea market or your own lawn sale.

20. Running errands for the elderly and shut-ins — When people are housebound, they may pay you to run their errands.

21. Shoveling snow — After the snowing stops, get out your snow shovel. Ask your neighbors if they will pay you to shovel the snow off their sidewalks and driveways.

22. Teaching people to use computers — Most young people know how to use computers. They can teach their skills to older people for a fee.

23. Tutoring students — If you are very good at certain subjects and can instruct other students, you can earn money as a tutor.

24. Walking dogs — If you live in a big city, there probably are many people who will pay you to walk their dog. The more dogs you can handle at a time, the more money you can make.

25. Working as a retail store clerk – Go around to retail stores in your city and leave your contact information. Visit the stores every two weeks or so.

26. Working as a shipping department clerk – Go around to places that have a shipping department and leave your contact information. Visit them every two weeks or so.

27. Working in a fast food restaurant – Go around to fast food restaurants every two weeks or so. You probably will be hired eventually.

28. Wrapping Christmas presents – Many department stores offer a gift-wrapping service. If you have the required skills, you may get a seasonal job.

Rules about jobs for teenagers

The U.S. has both federal and state rules governing teenager workers. For most kinds of work, you have to be at least 14; but the hours and working conditions may be restricted if you are under 16. In addition, you may have to get a work permit. There are separate rules covering agricultural work.

These age restrictions usually do not apply to traditional youth employment, such as babysitting and delivering newspapers.

Ways to look for jobs from employers

There are several ways to look for available jobs. You can look in places where employers announce their job openings. Examples would be the “help wanted” section of classified advertisements in newspapers and the “jobs” section of for your desired city.

You could go around to business firms in your local area to see if they have any job openings. You might want to leave your name, age, address, and telephone number if the business looks appealing.

You could ask your family and friends if they know of any possible job openings that might be suitable for you.

Websites about searching for jobs

These job search websites are an easy way to conduct job hunting. When a website has a search selection box that allows for keywords, you usually can enter “teenager” as a keyword. This lets you search for teenager jobs instead of adult jobs. Ways for teens to find a job. They claim to be “The #1 career and recruitment website for U.S. teens.” You have to register with the site before getting information on available jobs.

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