The Five Best iPhone Apps For Business Owners and Entrepreneurs

There are three things that business owners can use more of – time, money and sanity. If you are a business owner, and an iPhone enthusiast, you may be interested in the following five iPhone apps.

1. Calendar – for your sanity.

This one comes standard with every iPhone. For the busy entrepreneur, with meetings, deadlines, and calls, it is a life saver. Need to remember an appointment? Plug it in to your calendar and set a reminder. I like to set two – one five minutes before, and another that gives me enough time to prepare.

2. Safari “Add to Home Screen” – to save time.

This is not an actual app, but a function within Safari. If you have a website that you frequent, it can be a hassle to open Safari and type its address in the browser address bar – or even to search for the bookmark. Log on to the website and click on the plus sign on the bottom of the screen. Then, select “Add to Home Screen.” Safari will place a shortcut to your website on your phone. Next time you need to pull up the website, simply click on the “app” for it and you’re there.

3. 1Password if you’re a Mac user, RoboForm if you use a PC – another time saver.

1Password and RoboForm are applications that securely save passwords for you. They can also generate strong passwords. Both apps require you to install the program on your mac or PC, and both are well worth it. They keep your information safe, and keep you from spending ten minutes looking for that lost password.

4. CC Terminal – for more money.

Ever thought you landed a new client – only to find him backing out of the deal when you call and ask for payment? Close the deal, take the credit card, and THEN go back to your office. This app takes a little bit of setup, but is WELL worth it.

5. Relax – another one for your sanity.

Sometimes, the best way to get more done is to take five minutes to clear your mind. “Relax” helps you to meditate by giving a nice variety of relaxing scenes, sounds included. My personal favorites are “Breezy Meadow” and “Under the Sea.” Take five minutes – or even just one minute before making an important decision to breathe and relax using this fantastic app.

The lure of the iPhone is the number of apps that are available to it. Often, it’s the simple application that can help you move forward, save time, save your sanity, and make more money.

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