The Need for an App

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It is no longer enough for a company or business in today’s technology-driven world to have a well-designed website full of content and information provided to their potential customers free of charge. The “app bubble”, as some people are now calling it, is forcing businesses to consider other technological avenues to reach customers, streamline certain processes, and ultimately grow their companies to compete in whatever industry or field they are in.

Indeed, mobile apps allow businesses to connect with customers in ways that business owners and marketing professional never before dreamed of. Getting a customer to download your business’s app instantly provides you with a constant connection to that user’s mobile device — a device which he or she is probably attached to for the better part of every day.

When a potential customer has a business’s app on his or her mobile device, it makes it easier for that business to communicate with that customer, thus increasing the chance that the user will convert to a paying customer. In some ways, it’s like purchasing ad space on a customer’s phone or tablet; except that it’s a lot cheaper.

That said, app design and development is in more demand now than it ever has been in the past, and it will not be long until the market is flooded and saturated. This is why we are seeing so many web development firms, as well as independent contractors, moving toward app design and development. The demand for these types of services is greater than the supply, so now is the time to capitalize on this quickly growing market.

If you are a business owner, you can no longer count on your run of the mill web design company to continue helping you grow if they, as a design company, are not moving forward with technological changes themselves. Ask your current web company what experience they have with app design and development – whether it be iPhone, iPad, Mac, Android, Web, or other – and whether or not they can help take your business to the next level with a shiny new app. If they can, all the better; if they can’t, however, it’s time to move on and look for a new Android or iOS developer.

With millions of apps currently on the market (and that number just continues to grow), businesses really need to start considering where they want to be in 1-3 years in terms of the latest and most popular technologies. There’s no better time than the present!

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