The Power of Residual Income Membership Sites

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The reason that so many marketers have created Private Label Rights Membership Sites is there are few markets online more profitable than the Membership Site Business Model. The most important benefit of owning a membership site is that it creates that elusive residual income.

For years the top Internet Marketing Gurus peddled their wares, one program or one product at a time. These marketers were like traveling salesmen, selling one product to one customers and going to the next house to repeat their sales spiel all over again. These marketers embraced the model that gives you credit for one sale and then the customer belongs to

Seeing the light before the end of the tunnel, these same top marketers realized that they needed a way to keep their customers. The basic sales strategy is that it is most cost effective to sell to an existing customer than it is to acquire a new customer.

That reality began the big push to create opt-in list. These list are worth their weight in Internet gold. Each customer on an opt-in list represents potential income. In fact some mathematically inclined marketers can predict with accuracy exactly how much money they will make from their huge opt in list as soon as they push the send button.

But true residual income program pay the Business owner like clockwork. Many new Internet Marketers and some of the seasoned marketers miss this important source of income. If a marketer does not leverage his income and focuses on only one type of income, a Google Slap could wipe out ongoing income. If a marketer is dependent on one product or suite of products for their livelihood, when a newer or more innovative product is launched, a highflying new marketer may find that the impressive income disappears overnight

Most affiliate programs pay a one-time commission. With residual income programs like Excel Communications, or the program that sold residential energy, the mantra is that you work hard to day for ongoing income tomorrow. Residual income programs are available for many different products. Products like life insurance sales, to communications or Internet Service Providers, and to some extent hosting companies.

With residual income program, marketers are not required put together a new hyped up

email invitation for every new launch on the Internet. It is not as important to send out a daily email begging for the next sales to a list of individuals who are just about tired of hearing from you.

The money from a residual income program is automatically deducted from your customer’s account and placed into yours. No matter where you happen to be in the world, the payments are automatically added to your merchant account.

This is the reason that Membership Sites are expanding daily on the Internet. In addition to the massive income that some marketers are making, these sites represent a long-term stable income model.

This new business model creates the ultimate in hands off recurring income. Membership sites are the perfect example of a perfect residual income model. This multi-million dollar business model combines the best of Multi-Level Marketing with Internet Marketing.

This new moneymaking trend is spreading like wildfire all over the net. The Internet is quietly transforming from a free for all gold rush to a pay for content enterprise. Those individuals who can stay in front or the trends and profit from that knowledge will indeed become the new millionaires.

This is the business model that 75% of the Top Internet Marketers online have adopted. Of course all Marketers create at least three types of income. But the residual income model is the least intrusive and the most profitable over time. Most top Internet Marketers are using these sites as their retirement income. A membership site with recurring income is in fact the ultimate way to earn a living on the Internet.

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