What Makes Facebook So Famous Among Youth?

Internet is one of the most important aspects of today’s everyday life. We are using internet for every single thing in our daily routine starting from online application submission to shopping and from social networking to web marketing. And if you are an internet user, you must have heard the word “Facebook.” Yes, Facebook is world’s most popular social networking marketing website, which is now known as a part of today’s youth’s daily life.

According to the latest graphics, Facebook has over 65 million active users all across the world and this figure does not include the user who got registered this year. Also, Facebook is not only limited to youngsters. There is a large group of people of age groups joining the networking website. Because of this huge reach, Facebook is currently seen as the biggest online platforms for internet marketing. So, basically Facebook is becoming a social bandwagon and a prominent tool of web marketers all across the world.

Now, the question comes, what makes Facebook so famous among youth of today? So, here are some of the reasons that make Facebook the best seller of World Wide Web today:

1. The most common feature of Facebook is that you can easily upload unlimited number of photos and share them with friends and family. As per the latest statistics, the users all across the world usually upload about 14 millions photos daily. Apart from photos, you can also upload various videos and tag them with your friends worldwide. Now, you also have the option to even use your mobile phones for uploading photos and videos directly to Facebook.

2. The status feature of Facebook is very popular amongst the youth. Gone are the days when you use Yahoo! Messenger or MSN for chatting with friends. Now, the latest trend is Facebook’s Status. It’s simple, stylish and instant. You can see what your friends are doing and at the same time tell them your current status.

3. The option of creating your own page on Facebook is very interesting for anyone. Not only a page, you can even create your own even or party invitation page to invite all your friends. This is feature is widely used these days by the web marketers. There is also an option where your friends can RSVP if they are attending or not.

4. Facebook offers a wide range of games and applications that can also be used to interact with friends.

These are some of the reason that makes Facebook interesting. Facebook is basically responsible for changing the way people used to look at the social networking websites.

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